Saturday, 10 July 2010

Save Sakineh! Anti-execution protest outside Iran embassy London

Iran Solidarity held a successful protest outside the Islamic regime's embassy in London on Friday between 5-8pm. The protest was in support of Sakineh Ashtiani who had been sentenced to stoning for the alleged 'crime' of adultery. Iran Solidarity staged a 'stone-in' against stoning in Iran and anywhere in the world. The international campaign to save Sakineh, organised by the International Committee against Execution on which Iran Solidarity cooperates had already created huge international pressure and on Thursday the Islamic regime's embassy in London had issued a statement that Sakineh would not be stoned to death. However she has not been freed and might still be executed in another way. Iran Solidarity also protested against the death sentences of Mohammad Reza Haddadi and Zeinab Jalalian. Iran Solidarity demands the end of executions in Iran. The protest coincided with the anniversary of the student uprising in Iran in 1999.


  1. Iam disgusted that in the 21st century this primative type of behaviour exists.

    How can a nation who wish to be a world respected society ever hope to get such a standing when they behave in this fashion.

    Through actions like this they are underminding respect for their religion and as a nation by using their outdated medieval laws in such a fashion.John.

  2. Write to the Iran embassy in your country or telephone them. I have sent an email to the Iran Embassy in Ireland. I am just an ordinary woman we need to let them know the power of public opinion. We can also urge our governments to put trade embargoes etc. on Iran. Hit the powerful where it hurts.. economically.