Sunday, 31 January 2010

Magnus Nielsen's act of solidarity

Magnus Nielsen did his act of solidarity today on Trafalgar Square. No photos are available, but you can always go and see him every Sunday 4:00-4:30pm on Trafalgar Square, London.

Song for the people

This woman sings 'Sar oomad zemestoon' (The winter is over). This song became famous at the time of the fall of the Shah's dictatorship. 30 years on this song has become popular again...

Saturday, 30 January 2010

In memory of Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani & Arash Rahmanipour

Today's act on Trafalgar Square was in memory of Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour. Both were executed two days ago on January 28 by the Islamic regime. Their crime? Taking part in a peaceful protest. 11 more people face execution for the same 'crime'.

Some more photos from Trafalgar Square

From London

From Argentina to Australia, from India to Ireland, here is people's message of solidarity with the people of Iran.
Today on Trafalgar Square, London, Uk.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Iran Solidarity Victoria's act of solidarity

Iran Solidarity Victoria's held acts on Jan 29 and Jan 30:

گزارش كوتاهى از فعاليتهاى ايران سوليداريتى ويكتوريا در غرب كانادا

عصر روز جمعه ٢٩ ژانويه ٢۰١۰ - دومين جلسه بازتاب تحولات جنبش مردم ايران و گفت و شنود با فعالين سياسى كانادايى در مورد اوضاع ايران در ويكتوريا برگزار شد. در اين جلسه ابتدا فيلم كوتاه "مرگى در تهران" به نمايش گذاشته شده وسپس در مورد آخرين تحولات و اخبار ايران از جمله اعدام جوانان و خطر اعدام شمار بيشترى از تظاهرات كنندگان اخيرمورد بحث و گفتگو واقع شد.

امروز ٣۰ ژانويه ٢۰١۰ - همچنين دومين برپايى چادر و ميز اطلاعاتى ايران سوليداريتى ويكتوريا در مركز شهر ويكتوريا برگزار شد.

تم اصلى حركت امروز اعتراض به اعدام محمد رضا زمانى و آرش رحمانى و خطر اعدام مخالفين جمهورى اسلامى در ايران بود.

عكسهايى از فعاليتهاى اين هفته ايران سوليداريتى ويكتوريا ضميمه است.

ايران سوليداريتى ويكتوريا- غرب كانادا

Part from Iran Solidarity Toronto, Canada on Friday 29 Jan

This happened on Jan 29 at York University Toronto, Canada. This student on the video was trying to give us solidarity after he found out that the university security asked me to remove my banner and leave. Islamists came over and started a discussion with me; thys must have reported me. So this student on video came over to me and expressed his support and said I could videotape him. This was the only video clip I could get on this day just because I had to leave immediately. I have already a lot of connections with students and will try to get them involved so I can get permission. Even If I get permission, the security said I should send my handouts to the university for approval. This made me wonder if students really have unconditional freedom of expression or not. I will report what happens next time.

Solidarity protests on 22 Bahman

In support of the people in Iran protesting against the Islamic Republic's regime, the following solidarity protests will be held on 22 Bahman, Thursday 11 February 2010 by Iran Solidarity groups:

London, UK:
Thursday 11 February 2010
Time: 4-8pm
Opposite the Iranian embassy in London 16 Prince's Gate,SW7 1PT
(between Knightsbridge and High Street Kensington tube stations)
Phone: 07507978745

Gotenborg, Sweden: 11 February
details to follow

Friday 12 February 11 am to 1 PM
protest in various cities

South Australia email
Phone: 0431713128

NSW State
Sydney email
Phone: 0411553152

Victoria area
Phone 0413405545

Watch this space for more details on solidarity protests in various cities.
If you are interested in organising a solidarity protest in collaboration with Iran Solidarity please get in touch:

Urgent call for demonstration to prevent executions in Iran

Event: Urgent Call for Demonstration to Prevent more Executions in Iran
What: Rally
Start Time: 30 January at 13:00
End Time: 30 January at 15:00
Where: Vancouver : Art Gallery (Robson side)
Victoria: In Front of Legislature Building

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Two protestors executed in Iran for the 'crime' of enmity with god

Iran Solidarity is shocked and outraged at the news that two men involved in recent protests have been executed by the Islamic regime of Iran for the 'crime' of 'enmity with god' today at dawn.

The two men are Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour.

Iran Solidarity sends it condolences to the families of these two brave men and calls on people everywhere to condemn the Islamic regime of Iran and demand an end to executions.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Solidarity message from London

This is Natalia and Veronica's video message to the people of Iran

Iran Solidarity Gotenberg's act of solidarity

Iran Solidarity Gotenberg did its act today and everyday this week in Gotenberg, Sweden. Details to follow.

Monday, 25 January 2010

SW London Humanist Group in Richmond's act of solidarity

SW London Humanist Group in Richmond had a meeting today where Maryam Namazie discussed the issue of Sharia law versus human rights. At the end of the meeting, all the participants stood up in solidarity with the people of Iran. Here is video footage:

Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran

This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

The very existence of the Islamic regime of Iran is incompatible with freedom of women. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a misogynist state, architect of gender apartheid and perpetrator of three decades of the most odious forms of abuse, discrimination and violence against women in Iran. A society cannot be free if women are not free. Without the overthrow of the misogynist Islamic regime, women in Iran will not achieve their rights. The Islamic Republic must go! This is the message of Neda Agha Soltan, the symbol of the ongoing revolution in Iran; it is the decree of the brave women who at the front lines of people’s protest have been challenging the entire Islamic state for the past seven months.

Thirty years ago on March 8th, 1979 in Iran, we freedom-loving women and men stood up to the reactionaries who had just come to power, with shouts of No to compulsory veil! Today, with the painful and bloody experience of three decades of gender apartheid, gender slavery and nonstop suppression of women behind us, we state even more clearly and forcefully, along with the young and progressive generation of today, that the Islamic Republic, as a misogynist state, as a regime of gender apartheid must be overthrown. We say that the leaders of the Islamic Republic must be arrested and put on trial for systematic crimes against millions of women, for crimes against humanity. This is the decree of the revolution in Iran. With the overthrow of the Islamic Republic we will lend a helping hand to millions of women in Islam-stricken countries who are prisoners of terrorist Islamic states and gangs and honour-worshiping, male-chauvinistic Islamic traditions.

Today, support for the ongoing revolution in Iran can and should become a vast international movement. March 8th is International Women’s Day, which this year bears the mark of solidarity with women and people in Iran in the struggle to topple the Islamic regime. We call on women’s rights activists and organisations to express their solidarity with the women’s movement in Iran, while remembering Neda Agha Soltan as the symbol of the revolutionary movement against the Islamic Republic. March 8th this year is the day of solidarity with the movement of the people of Iran for freedom!

We issue the following Manifesto of the Liberation of Women in Iran, and call on all women’s rights’ activists and secular and progressive forces to support this Manifesto and join up in solidarity with the people of Iran in the struggle to overthrow the Islamic regime of gender apartheid:

1- Prosecution of the leaders and officials of the Islamic Republic for crimes against humanity, including for thirty years of the vilest abuse, discrimination and violence against women in Iran

2- Abolition of all misogynist Islamic laws and all laws that discriminate against women; complete equality of women and men in all economic, political, cultural, social and family spheres

3- Complete separation of religion from the state, the educational system and all laws

4- Abolition of segregation of the sexes and gender apartheid

5- Prohibition of sighe (Islamic ‘rent-a-wife’) and polygamy; unconditional right of separation (divorce) for women and men; abolition of all laws which make women’s civil rights (such as the right to travel, social intercourse, participation in social activities, etc.) conditional on obtaining the permission of the husband, father or other male members of the family; complete equality of women’s and men’s rights and duties in the custody and care of children following separation

6- Abolition of compulsory veil (hejab) for women; prohibition of hejab for children; full freedom of dress

7- Abolition of all the barbaric laws of stoning, execution, retribution (qesas) and other Islamic punishments

8- Unconditional freedom of expression, protest, strike, assembly, organisation and forming parties

9- Immediate release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience

10- Freedom of religion and atheism and freedom to criticise religion.

Mina Ahadi
Mahin Alipour
Shahla Daneshfar
Maryam Namazie

22 January 2010

To sign up to the manifesto, please click here.

To see Maryam Namazie’s call to show solidarity with the people of Iran, click here.

To see how you can support the people of Iran, click here.

For more information on the manifesto or March 8 events, email or; call 0049-1775692413 or 0044-7719166731 or visit or

Iran Solidarity Gotenborg activities

Call for solidarity with the Iranian people's struggle!

The present revolution in Iran has very humane demands for freedom and essential rights for all the population in Iran and it deserves the vibrant support of all the justice loving people around the world.

The present revolution is genuinely humane, secular, anti-religious and aims to end thirty years of criminal ruling by the Islamic regime that imposed torture, execution and other laws such as stoning to death for adultery. This is a revolution by women like Neda and millions of young women and men who strive to live in a humane society.

The Islamic Government of Iran is at war with this revolution with all its might and oppressive apparatus; it is imposing extremely violent repression on the people on a daily basis; it is using widespread arrests, raping the youth in prisons, torture, executions and harsh prison sentences for those arrested; the government is implementing all types of criminal behavior to intimidate people and to send them back home. But people are standing strong and continue their struggle in streets, universities, schools and work places across the country in various ways. The triumph of this revolution not only emancipates 70 million Iranians from the hell created by the Islamic regime, but also promises the prelude to destruction of political Islam and Islamic terrorism in the region and across the world.

We are a group of activists in Gotenborg who support the demands raised by Iran Solidarity. We invite you to join us and strengthen the network of solidarity for people of Iran across the globe.

Iran Solidarity Gotenborg Sweden
January 20, 2010

Our current activities until March 8, 2010:

* Weekly meeting every Saturday 15 to 16 at Brunnsparken
* Starting January 26 we set up a tent for a week in Gustav Adolf Circle on a 24 hour basis; Iran solidarity activists will be present at this location
* On February 11, at the same time that people in Iran will be protesting for their rights, we will rally in their support in Gotenborg
* We will participate in rallies and marches for March 8 International Women’s Day to support women’s rights in Iran.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

In memory of Neda

Neda Agha Soltan who was shot dead by the Iranian regime's forces on 20 June last year would have celebrated her 28th birthday today. So today's act in Trafalgar Square was in her memory.

Here are some photos from outside the Iranian Embassy the same afternoon.
With Greg, from the Socialist Party

Watch the clip about the solidarity afternoon in London

Bahar Milani's statement in Farsi in front of the Iranian embassy

11 February solidarity act call out UK

Iran Solidarity UK calls on you to join our protest.

People in Iran are fighting to get rid of the dictatorship they have been living under for 30 years. They are fighting for freedom and equality!

Every year on 11 February the Islamic Republic of Iran celebrates its ‘Islamic Revolution's Victory Day’ in memory of the events in 1979. This year however, instead of the usual state-sponsored demonstrations, millions of Iranians are coming out onto the street to protest for their human rights and their freedom!

You can help the people in Iran right here and right now in their struggle to free themselves from an oppressive dictatorship. Show up and show your solidarity right here in London!

Thursday 11 February 2010
Time: 4-8pm

Opposite the Iranian embassy in London 16 Prince's Gate,SW7 1PT
(between Knightsbridge and High Street Kensington tube stations)

In solidarity!

Iran Solidarity UK
Phone: 07507978745

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bahar Milani's act of solidarity

Bahar Milani did her act of solidarity with the people of Iran today in Trafalgar Square, London.

Iran Solidarity Gotenberg established

فراخوان به همبستگی با مبارزه مردم ایران
فراخوان به حمایت از ایران سولیداریتی

انقلاب مردم ایران انقلابی بسیار آزادیخواهانه و حق طلبانه برای احیای حقوق و آزادیهای بحق مردم است و شایسته پشتیبانی پرشور همه مردم آزادیخواه دنیا است. انقلابی عمیقا انسانی، سکولار، ضد مذهبی و برای پایان دادن به حکومت وحشی اسلامی و سی سال جنایت و سنگسار و اعدام و شکنجه است. انقلاب نداها و میلیونها دختر و پسر جوانی است که میخواهند مثل انسان زندگی کنند.

جمهوری اسلامی با همه دستگاه سرکوبش به جنگ این انقلاب رفته است. میخواهد با سرکوب خشن و هرروزه مردم، دستگیری های گسترده، تجاوز به دختر و پسر در زندانها، شکنجه، احکام زندان و اعدام برای دستگیر شدگان و انواع رفتارهای جنایتکارانه مردم را مرعوب کند و به خانه بفرستد. اما مردم محکم ایستاده اند و به مبارزه خود خیابان و دانشگاه و مدرسه، در مراکز کار و در همه جای کشور به اشکال مختلف ادامه میدهند. با پیروزی این انقلاب، نه تنها هفتاد میلیون مردم ایران از این جهنم اسلامی رها میشوند بلکه این پیروزی سرآغاز اضمحلال اسلام سیاسی و تروریسم اسلامی در منطقه و در سراسر جهان خواهد بود.

ما جمعی از فعالین مقیم یوتبوری از خواستهای ایران سولیداریتی حمایت میکنیم. شما را دعوت میکنیم به جمع ما بپیوندید تا شبکه همبستگی با مردم ایران را در سراسر جهان تقویت کنیم.

ایران سولیداریتی، گوتنبرگ سوئد
٢١ ژانویه ٢٠١٠
contact person in Gbg: Ruzbeh Zandifar
tel: 0704469483

فعالیت های جاری ما در یوتبوری تا ٨ مارس ٢٠١٠

١- برگزاری میتینگ هر هفته روزهای شنبه از ساعت 15 تا 16 در Brunnsparken
٢- از روز 26 ژانویه به مدت یک هفته چادری بطور 24 ساعته در میدان گوستاو آدولف بر پا میشود. فعالین ایران سولیداریتی فعالانه در این گردهمائی یک هفته ای حضور دارند.
٣- روز ١١ فوریه همزمان با تظاهرات بزرگ مردم در ایران، در یوتبوری نیز دست به تجمع اعتراضی میزنیم.
٤- شرکت در مراسم ها و راهپیمائی های روز هشت مارس در همبستگی با زنان ایران

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Gothenburg's week of Iran Solidarity

Iran Solidarity in Gothenburg, Sweden has organised a solidarity and information tent from Tuesday, 26 January to Saturday, 30 January 2010 in the city. Watch this space for detailed information.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Richard's act of solidarity in London

Richard's act of solidarity today on Trafalgar Square, London.

Here is his message of solidarity

Berlin protest against executions in Iran

We thought we let you know about this protest that happened last Wednesday, 13 January in Berlin, Germany. Mina Ahadi from the International Committee against Executions spoke at a protest against executions in Iran at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
The protest was called by Sharam Roghani from B90/Die Grünen. They had errected gallows on the square and spoke about the recent executions in Iran, 15 in the last two weeks alone. Mina Ahadi spoke about her contact with the mother of teacher and political activist Farzad Kamangar who is now awaiting his execution in Iran. He appealed to ordinary people in the world for help. Mina Ahadi spoke about the apparent indifference and lack of time of countless European and German politicians that she had spoken to, to stop executions in Iran; especially in the light of the strong business relations that Germany enjoys with Iran. Mina Ahadi asks: 'Frau Merkel, do you have two minutes? Two minutes to save some people in Iran from being executed?'

See Mina Ahadi's speech in German/ Mina Ahadis Rede auf Deutsch:

Ein Artikel über die Veranstaltung auf hpd:

Monday, 18 January 2010

London's solidarity act

Bahar Milani's message of solidarity in Farsi

I am a human being

Hoshyar emailed this poster to us today. It says something to the effect: I am a troublemaker, a spy, a mercenary, an alien force, and now a Mohareb (warring against god) [labels the Islamic regime of Iran has given protestors]. 30 years has past - you still don't know my name? I am a human being.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Iran Solidarity UK's act

See a joint act of solidarity by Siamak Amjadi, Keyvan Javid, Patty Debonitas, Mersedeh Ghaedi, Jalil Jalili, Bahar Milani, Aran Rezaie, Behruz Bahari and Bahram Soroush:

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Iran Solidarity in London

Patty, Bahar, Armin and Richard from Iran Solidarity.

Messages of solidarity from supporter Stuart and activist Armin from Iran Solidarity UK's act on Trafalgar Square, London, today.

Stuart's message to the people of Iran
a href="">

Armin's message (Farsi)

Iran Solidarity Frankfurt protest

Members of Iran Solidarity Frankfurt were joined by the International Committee against Executions at the protest in front of the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt today.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mary Lloyd's act of solidarity

Mary Lloyd, Vice Chair of 'Sea of Faith' Network's act of solidarity:

Iran Solidarity Frankfurt at Goethe University

Iran Solidarity was invited to speak at the plenum of Frankfurt's Goethe University on 30 November 09. Shahnaz Moratab from Iran Solidarity Frankfurt spoke to the over 700 students at the meeting about the students' movement in Iran, 16 Azar (7 December) Student Day protests and people's situation.

The assembly adopted the following resolution with absolute majority:

Resolution on the Iranian Student Movement
by the Students of Goethe University, Frankfurt, November 30, 2009

The heavy protests of the last months have shown that there is a student movement in Iran, following similar goals like our own one and yet operating under completely different circumstances. Iran is a republic of fear where Islamicists are trying to establish a total domination without opposition since 1979. This religious unified state negates each and every individual liberty and dominates even people’s everyday lives. It tries to eliminate every difference, however small it may be, listening to pop music for example. Nonetheless, there is resistance in Iran and it’s even fiercer than in Germany. Iranian universities are the main centres of this resistance. Students are protesting by means of rallies, blockades and other forms of protest against bad conditions of studying like the situation in dormitories on the one hand side, and against the regime itself trying to wipe clean universities from secular knowledge and critical scholars on the other. For instance, there is paramilitary operating on campuses in order to prevent any communication between men and women. Last week, a student was stabbed by one of them only for talking to his girlfriend on campus. Students in Iran, thus, are confronting an incredibly strong repression by the Islamicist state, reaching from restrictions in everyday life, prohibitions of rallies, dorm raids, mass detentions and targeted rapes, to torture and murder by the state. Experiences of suppression are linking the struggles of students and atheists, feminists and socialists. Different movements are often acting in mutual solidarity against the common opponent – the Islamicist regime.

The brutal terror against the population, torture and excessive violence seem to be far away from Frankfurt’s students, but they’re not. Germany is the single most important trading partner of Iran. The relations between the two countries are accordingly good. Siemens, for example, is exporting large quantities of surveillance technology to Iran. Intelligence services of both countries are cooperating closely as well, in prosecuting Iranians living in exile. During the football world cup in 2006, for example, Iranian exile groups were forbidden by the German government to protest publicly against stoning. While the federal government of Germany is engaging in a ‘critical dialogue’ with the anti-Semitic dictator Ahmadinedjad, it is still deporting members of the opposition to Iran where they face torture or murder. The latest example is Behzad Samadi, a well known student activist who was deported to Tehran over Frankfurt airport in April despite having attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation.

Having said this, we resolved the following demands as a first step:

• Free access to universities and education for all in Iran! Remove all organs of repression of the regime from campuses!
• Stop religious terror at Iranian universities! For secular universities!
• Immediately stop all executions in Iran!
• Stop any form of torture! Free all political prisoners!
• Stop economic collaboration of Germany with the dictatorship in Iran!
• Stop all deportations to Iran! Unrestricted rights of residence for Iranians living in exile!


Am 30 November 09 war Iran Solidarität an der Frankfurter Goethe Universität. Shahanz Moratab von Iran Solidarität Frankfurt hat eine Rede über die Studentenbewegung im Iran, 16 Azar (7 Dezember), dem Tag von Studentenprotesten und über die Lage im Iran gehalten. Anschlieβend wurde die folgende Resolution mit absoluter Mehrheit von den über 700 an der Vollversammlung teilnehmenden StudentInnen verabschiedet:

Resolution zur iranischen Studierendenbewegung
Vollversammlung Uni Frankfurt 30.11.09

Die heftigen Proteste der letzten Monate haben es gezeigt: Auch im Iran gibt es eine Studierendenbewegung, die ähnliche Ziele wie wir in Frankfurt verfolgt und doch unter ganz anderen Bedingungen operiert. Der Iran ist eine Republik der Angst, wo die Islamist_innen seit 1979 versuchen, eine totale Herrschaft ohne Opposition zu etablieren. Dieser religiöse Einheitsstaat, der jegliche individuelle Freiheit negiert, herrscht bis in den Alltag hinein, jede noch so kleine Differenz wie etwa das Hören von Pop-Musik soll eliminiert werden.

Dennoch gibt es im Iran Widerstand, sogar stärkeren als hierzulande. Dieser Widerstand konzentriert sich vor allem auf die Unis. Die dortigen Studierenden protestieren mit Kundgebungen,Sitzblockaden u.ä. einerseits gegen unmittelbar schlechte Studienbedingungen wie z. B. das miese Mensa-Essen, überfüllte Wohnheime oder die Einführung von Studiengebühren. Andererseits wehren sie sich gegen den Versuch des Regimes, die Unis von säkularen Menschen und Inhalten völlig zu säubern. Im Rahmen dieser Säuberungswelle sind z. B. staatlich geförderte Paramilitärs aktiv, welche jede Kommunikation zwischen Männern und Frauen verhindern sollen. Erst letzte Woche wurde ein Student von einem solchen Paramilitär erstochen, nur weil er sich an der Uni mit seiner Verlobten unterhalten hatte. Die Studierenden dort sind also mit einer unglaublich heftigen Repression konfrontiert, die von alltäglichen Einschränkungen über Demoverbote, die Verwüstung von Wohnheimen, Massenverhaftungen und gezielte Vergewaltigungen bis hin zu Folter und staatlichem Mord reicht. Diese Erfahrung der Unterdrückung verbindet die studentischen mit den atheistischen, feministischen und sozialistischen Kämpfen – die verschiedenen Bewegungen handeln oft in wechselseitiger Solidarität gegen den gemeinsamen Gegner, das islamistische Regime.

Dieser brutale Terror, die Folterungen und Gewaltexzesse scheinen für Student_innen in Frankfurt weit entfernt zu sein – sie sind aber ganz nahe. Denn für den Iran ist Deutschland der wichtigste Wirtschaftspartner überhaupt. Entsprechend gut sind die Beziehungen beider Länder, Siemens liefert z. B. große Mengen Überwachungstechnik in den Iran. Auch die Geheimdienste arbeiten eng zusammen und gehen gemeinsam gegen die hier lebenden Exil-Iraner_innen vor, denen z. B. während der Fußball-WM von der Bundesregierung verboten wurde, in der BRD Kundgebungen gegen die Steinigungen abzuhalten. Und während die Bundesregierung einen „kritischen Dialog“ mit dem Diktator und Antisemiten Ahmadinedjad führen will, lässt sie geflohene Oppositionelle gnadenlos in den Iran abschieben, wo ihnen Folter und Mord drohen. Zuletzt traf dieses Schicksal Behzad Samadi, einen bekannten Studentenaktivisten, der trotz eines vorherigen Suizidversuches durch Selbstverbrennung im April von der Bundespolizei über den Frankfurter Flughafen nach Teheran verschleppt wurde.

Aus dem oben Gesagten ergeben sich für uns als erste Schritte folgende Forderungen:
- Freien Zugang zur Bildung und zur Universität für Alle im Iran – für den Abzug aller Repressionsorgane des Regimes aus den Unis!
- Stopp des religiösen Terrors an den iranischen Universitäten – für säkulare Hochschulen!
- Sofortiger Stopp der derzeit geplanten Hinrichtungen im Iran!
- Stopp jeglicher Folter und Freilassung aller politischen Gefangenen!
- Stopp der wirtschaftlichen Kooperation von BRD und iranischer Diktatur!
- Stopp sämtlicher Abschiebungen in den Iran und uneingeschränktes Aufenthaltsrecht für die hier lebenden Exilant_innen!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

See acts of solidarity by Maryam Namazie, Keyvan Javid and Reza Moradi

Political activists Maryam Namazie, Keyvan Javid (in Persian) and Reza Moradi do their acts of solidarity today from New Channel TV - the voice of the Iranian revolution:

Maryam Namazie: People see themselves in the unfolding revolution in Iran; they see their hopes, their aspirations, their desire for a different world... Supporting the revolutionary movement of the people of Iran is a historical task and duty...

Keyvan Javid:

Reza Moradi:

Iran Solidarity Frankfurt protest this Saturday, 16 January

Iran Solidarity in Frankfurt, Germany in collaboration with the International Committee against Executions calls for a protest this Saturday, 16 January between 12:30 to 14:00 in front of the Iranian Consulate in Frankfurt, Raimond Str.90.

Here is their call in German:

Protestaktion gegen Iranische Regierung

Die gegenwärtige Revolution im Iran ist eine ‚Revolution der Frauen’. Nicht nur, weil sie direkt gegen Geschlechter-Apartheid und die frauenfeindliche Regierung ist, und auch nicht nur, weil Frauen und Mädchen an vorderster Front auf innigen Demonstrationen und Straßenschlachten stehen, sondern auch, weil die Maxime ‚Die Freiheit der Frauen ist ein Maßstab der Freiheit der Gesellschaft’ zunehmend in das Bewusstsein der Bevölkerung eingegraben ist.

Die bedingungslose Gleichstellung der Frauen ist das unantastbare Dekret der gegenwärtigen Revolution.

Diese Revolution ist ein weiterer Schritt in den Bemühungen des modernen Menschen für die Befreiung von abscheulicher Geschlechter-Sklaverei

Am Sa den 16.01.10 um 12:30 bis 14:00 Uhr
Vor dem Iranischen Konsulat Frankfurt Raimond Str.90

Kontakt: Shahnaz Morattab Tel: 015781688732

People across the World: Help Organize Groups in the Fight against Execution

By: Farshad Hosseini
Jan 13, 2010

Torture and execution are the only strings in which the Islamic Republic of Iran is hanging from, without which the regime would not last an hour. We need to take away this tool from the Islamic Republic with a forceful, united and pre-planned action throughout the world. The biggest support to the struggle of the Iranian people in toppling this regime of terror and repression will be to organize a vast and powerful social movement. We must fight the repressive policies of the Islamic Republic which includes imprisonment, torture and executions. We need to neutralize and block these criminal policies. We need to attack the tools used by the Islamic Republic in an active and unified manner throughout the world.

Is it possible to confront the executions carried out by the Islamic Republic outside the country?

The front lines for fighting the Islamic republic or any other dictatorial regime are not limited to activities inside the country. Global experiences have shown many times that a struggle beyond the borders have always provided an important trench for the freedom fighters of the world.

If we take a look at the struggles of the people of South Africa, Chile, Cuba, Palestine and other parts of the world against dictatorships, an important factor for bringing down those regimes has always included relentless, united, organized and vast activities outside those countries. The experience of the Iranian people, be it during the Constitutional Revolution of early 1900s or the 1979 revolution and even during the lifetime of the Islamic Republic have always proved that struggles outside the country have had an important effect in paralyzing the regimes. The Islamic Republic is not an isolated island, separated from the global community. The Islamic Republic was born outside the country and even today the outside world has a vital role in preserving this regime. We must cut this regime off from the rest of the world. This is because a regime that is expelled from international gatherings, a regime that is under heavy pressure from protests by people across the world, whose ugly and horrific face is broadcasted, this regime is likened to a rotten fruit that will fall with a slight wind blown at it later on by the people inside the country.

We need to use torture and execution like a chain around the Islamic Republic's neck and we need to use the same chain to end the political, diplomatic and economic life of the Islamic Republic. All over the world, the newspapers, TV stations, news agencies and internet networks, local and international societies, officials, journalists, reporters, human rights activists, members of parliaments, and all governments must designate the Islamic Republic as a symbol of torture, execution and terror. This is our important task ahead. We need to hang this picture of the Islamic Republic around the world.

To the Iranians outside the country and to the freedom loving people of the world:

This is a crucial and defining moment in the history of the world. The heart of the execution capital of the world is about to stop beating. We need to support the movement with full force and we need to try to extract this ugly heart, which is responsible for taking people's lives, out of the global body. The world does not need an execution capital. The world does not need a prison, torture and repression capital. The world does not need a terrorist capital. The world is made for reaping the benefits of infinite material, moral blessings and for the enjoyment of human creativity. Please help us organize units to fight execution. Help us paint the world with human colors. Please help us take bright rays of sunshine to dark cells of the Islamic Republic prisons and to rejuvenate the bright hope of life to the hearts of those condemned to execution.

Help us create groups of struggle against executions throughout the world and turn the world into a relentless fighting unity to save human lives, restore dignity and integrity for individuals. With the creation of these groups, we are in effect building organizations to cut down one of the most barbaric dictatorial regimes in the world.

How do we organize groups or units of struggle against executions?

Creation and organization of units of struggle against execution is simple. We can begin with any number of people anywhere in the world. We can even organize these units with one person. Anyone can create a unit to fight execution in his or her city of residence and announce its existence.

Activities and struggles against execution are also simple and at the same time these activities are vast and extensive, matching the capabilities and creativity of its members, and these include activities in the streets, to activities in the public media, to activities in human rights organizations, to lobbying in parliaments and governments and international organizations.

Activities in the streets can begin with a two people team and a banner asking for an end to executions in Iran. One can lay the slogans in a square, with two magic markers, holding a picture or a placard or hang next to us. We can carry a piece of paper asking people to sign or encouraging them to join our units of struggle. We can have boxes for collecting donations and speak to the locals. Once we layout all these in public, people will start supporting us. They can even give us ideas and more facilities to do engage in even more extensive activities. It's that simple and you can start this work with two interested parties. Even one person can start this work. With the struggle against execution we will get to the heart of the people of the world. With each hour of this work we will find tens and hundreds of supporters for the struggle of the Iranian people. With this type of work we can inscribe the pictures of the hundreds of victims of the Islamic Republic’s executions to the minds of the people of the world.

The range of this work can be extended later depending on how many members are active. We can reach out to newspapers and the media. We can go to the corridors of parliaments and international organizations. We can become vastly active on the internet. We can go to people's houses. We go to universities and schools, shopping malls, sports arenas and we can continue our activities in any gathering place.

We need to start today. Please contact myself or Mina Ahadi and the 'International Committee against execution'. We will join your hands with hundreds and thousands of others who have started this important fight. Our activities, however small, are like a drop of rain that will turn into a flood that will sweep away one of the most professional murdering regimes of the world. We will turn into a pair of scissors that will cut through the execution ropes. We will turn into a mallet that will smash the walls of torture. Stay in touch with us and report on your activities.

Our contact information:
Farshad Hosseini
Phone: 00316812851284
Mina Ahadi
Phone: 00491775692413

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010

Acts of solidarity by One Law for All activists, Jim and Jalil Jalili

Today, the following acts of solidarity with the people of Iran took place at a pub in central London:

Some One Law for All Campaign activists show their support by shouting Iran Solidarity and end the Islamic regime:

Activist Jim does too by holding a wanted poster of Khamenei:

Finally, Jalil Jalili sends his message to the revolutionary people of Iran in Persian:

Conversation With Mother of Kurdish Activist on Death Row

“To all freedom-loving people wherever they may live.” – A Conversation with the Mother of Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish Activist on Death Row.
By Mohammad-Amin Kamangar

On Monday, January the 11th, 10:00 am Iran time, Farzad Kamangar contacted his family. This is the conversation they had.

Farzad: Hi mom, I hope you are well.

Farzad’s Mother: Yes dear, I am very well and I am proud of you. Believe me I am doing well, as always.

Farzad: Mom, how are the kids (Farzad’s students) doing? What do they say? What are they up to? What is the media saying?

His mother’s response to these questions is brief and the phone is then suddenly disconnected.

Farzad’s mother wishes to deliver the following message:

“Please send my best wishes to Mina Ahadi and tell her that she should send a message to all mothers who have lost loved ones and those whose loved ones are imprisoned like mine that we should do something for them ourselves.

“All the youngsters who have been executed, are being executed, and those in detention, are all my brothers and sisters, just as my Farzad is a son to countless others. I have said this many times: He belongs to all people. Human beings are not different from each other, be they Persian, Kurd, Arab or Turk. We are all human beings and we want freedom and dignity. But who do we talk to? Where? How?

“My message to mothers in the same situation is this: my dear sisters and my dear daughters, wherever we are, whatever our ideas and opinions, we need to join hands, stay in touch and protest in a unified manner. We need to rise together. What are they going to do to us? Execute us? Let us be executed so that we may never see the deaths of our children. Dear mothers, please let us join hands to free our young people. I know that these gentlemen (regime officials) are listening to these words. Let them hear me. Let them execute me. I will sooner set myself on fire than silence myself. Have they not seen what happened to the Shah? Have they not seen what happened to Saddam? They should not continue on this path or they will meet the same fate.

“What do the youth want besides freedom? What crime has Farzad committed except seeking freedom? He has spent 4 years in prison. Lately his lawyer wanted to review his file and they have told him that the file is lost! His lawyer has suffered a stroke because of the stress caused by Farzad’s case and the tens of other similar cases, and is now hospitalized.

“I am pleading with the Human Rights Commission, all political parties and organizations that are for humanity and all people who fight for human dignity. The situation is very dangerous. They are executing youngsters everyday.

If anyone can do anything, please do. Do not let them execute youngsters en masse. You and all the world shall be my defense. Please let the world hear my message.”

Translation: Tour Irani

All Hands on Deck to Free Political Prisoners

by Shahla Daneshfar
Translated on January 10 2010

According to published reports, during the mass demonstrations on the 26th and 27th of December 2009 (Tasua and Ashoura), approximately one thousand people were arrested. There are no accurate statistics of the numbers of arrestees, but according to news leaked from the prisons, the numbers are so high that there are 50 Prisoners being kept in the Section 240 of Evin Prison alone. It has been said that a large number of prisoners have also been placed in the cellar of Evin; others have been transferred to Gohardasht prison in Keraj.

Families of those arrested in recent days have been gathered in front of Evin prison, “the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Court.” They have requested information about their beloved and asked for their immediate release from prison.

On Jan 3 2010 at 9am, hundreds of people from the families of those detainees went to the “Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic” and asked for the release of their beloved. The situation of many of these detainees is unclear, and this has led to great concern among the families. Out of this serious concern, a number of families have even contacted the forensic authorities in an effort to obtain news about their beloveds, but they have received no reply.

Detainees who have had contact with their families have informed the families that there have been a very large number of people arrested.

On the 27th of December (Ashoura), the Islamic Republic savagely attacked the protestors and violently engaged them by kicking and punching and using batons. The violent attitude of the security forces has caused particular concern among the families. Families of those detainees are worried about the possibility of their children being under torture in order to confess and perhaps to be forced to take part in the Regime’s televised show trials, particularly after the threats made by butchers like Radan and Ezheie saying that the punishment for detainees is execution. These threats have added to the concerns of those families and compounded their anger and rage. Families of detainees have recently announced that until the release of the detainees, they are going to continue their daily gatherings.

Through the mass protests on Ashoura, the peoples’ revolution has taken another big step forward. In the aftermath of this event, the desperation and disarray of the regime is more visible. People’s confrontation on Ashoura with the regime’s security forces, which extended in some cases to disarming them, has rattled the regime. The Islamic Republic has no other recourse. The Islamic Republic has seen with its own eyes that no martial law nor torture and imprisonment can force protesting people to retreat, which is why the Regime has resorted to mass arrests and threatening execution and massacre.

Apart from arresting people in demonstration, at this moment, 6 Haft Tappeh sugar cane workers are in prison and Reza Rakhshan, another one of the members of board of directors of this factory has been arrested in this week and imprisoned. Childrens’ rights activists, and among them Maryam Zia, have also been arrested this week. But peoples’ mass demonstrations on the 27th of December have shown that this regime is taking its last breath and the end of Islamic Republic is near. We have even heard this from the international mass media. Our revolution is in a decisive moment; releasing the political prisoners from the hands of these butchers is a significant step in the progress of the revolution.

We need all hands on deck, with ALL power, to get behind the families of those recently arrested and all other political prisoners, to help throw open wide the prison gates.

Gather in the university, in front of Evin prison, and in all the centers the arrestees have been moved to, and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners from prison.

We need to fill walls and doors with graffiti: “Free all political prisoners!” and use all possible forms of protest and gatherings to create pressure to effect the immediate release of prisoners. The lives of political prisoners are in danger. ALL HANDS ON DECK to release them.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Iran Solidarity Australia calls for a demonstration on 12 February

مخالفان جمهوری اسلامی می روند تا تدام انقلاب 22 بهمن و سرنگونی جمهوری اسلامی را در مقابل سفارت جمهوری در کنبرا فریاد زنند

تاریخ : 12 فوریه روز جمعه
زمان : از ساعت 11 الی 1 بعد از ظهر

همراه با مردم ایران و در حمایت و پشتیبانی از جنبش عظیم و مبارزات انقلابی رو به رشد انان در این گرد همایی شرکت کنید
از دوستان، اشنایان و اقوام خود بخواهید در این گرد همایی اعتراضی شرکت جویند

برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید با شماره های تماس هر کدام از واحد های سازمان همبستگی با مردم ایران که ذیلا امده است تماس حاصل نمایید

استان جنوب استرالیا
شهر ادلید
داریوش رهایی ایمیل
تلفن : 0431713128

استان نیو سات ولس
تلفن : 0411553152

ناحیه ویکتوریا
تلفن تماس0413405545 ادرس ایمیل

Magnus Neilsen's act of solidarity

Writer Magnus Nielsen did his act today in Trafalgar Square. No photos are available.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Iran Solidarity on Trafalgar Square

Bahar, Behrooz, Keyvan, Armin, Richard and Patty from Iran Solidarity UK staged their act of solidarity today on Trafalgar Square, London, despite the freezing temperatures.