Saturday, 23 January 2010

11 February solidarity act call out UK

Iran Solidarity UK calls on you to join our protest.

People in Iran are fighting to get rid of the dictatorship they have been living under for 30 years. They are fighting for freedom and equality!

Every year on 11 February the Islamic Republic of Iran celebrates its ‘Islamic Revolution's Victory Day’ in memory of the events in 1979. This year however, instead of the usual state-sponsored demonstrations, millions of Iranians are coming out onto the street to protest for their human rights and their freedom!

You can help the people in Iran right here and right now in their struggle to free themselves from an oppressive dictatorship. Show up and show your solidarity right here in London!

Thursday 11 February 2010
Time: 4-8pm

Opposite the Iranian embassy in London 16 Prince's Gate,SW7 1PT
(between Knightsbridge and High Street Kensington tube stations)

In solidarity!

Iran Solidarity UK
Phone: 07507978745


  1. Is that where you plan on exploding the bomb?

  2. many thanks for the information. I was looking everywhere to find the time. i knew it would be front of the embassy in feb 11th but didn't know the time. thanks for that.

  3. "Is that where you plan on exploding the bomb?"

    What is that nonsense? are you trying to scare poeple even here in a domecratic country? no one is stupid to believe you. we all be there to show you and poeple like you that we don't want a dictator resim anymore and we will rock you!!!!

  4. Are us Westerners welcome to join you in showing our solidarity or would our presence undermine your protest?

  5. We welcome anyone that can join us. Today was beatiful, we got loads of support from westerners. thank you all. really appretiate your help and support.