Monday, 25 January 2010

Iran Solidarity Gotenborg activities

Call for solidarity with the Iranian people's struggle!

The present revolution in Iran has very humane demands for freedom and essential rights for all the population in Iran and it deserves the vibrant support of all the justice loving people around the world.

The present revolution is genuinely humane, secular, anti-religious and aims to end thirty years of criminal ruling by the Islamic regime that imposed torture, execution and other laws such as stoning to death for adultery. This is a revolution by women like Neda and millions of young women and men who strive to live in a humane society.

The Islamic Government of Iran is at war with this revolution with all its might and oppressive apparatus; it is imposing extremely violent repression on the people on a daily basis; it is using widespread arrests, raping the youth in prisons, torture, executions and harsh prison sentences for those arrested; the government is implementing all types of criminal behavior to intimidate people and to send them back home. But people are standing strong and continue their struggle in streets, universities, schools and work places across the country in various ways. The triumph of this revolution not only emancipates 70 million Iranians from the hell created by the Islamic regime, but also promises the prelude to destruction of political Islam and Islamic terrorism in the region and across the world.

We are a group of activists in Gotenborg who support the demands raised by Iran Solidarity. We invite you to join us and strengthen the network of solidarity for people of Iran across the globe.

Iran Solidarity Gotenborg Sweden
January 20, 2010

Our current activities until March 8, 2010:

* Weekly meeting every Saturday 15 to 16 at Brunnsparken
* Starting January 26 we set up a tent for a week in Gustav Adolf Circle on a 24 hour basis; Iran solidarity activists will be present at this location
* On February 11, at the same time that people in Iran will be protesting for their rights, we will rally in their support in Gotenborg
* We will participate in rallies and marches for March 8 International Women’s Day to support women’s rights in Iran.

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