Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Video footage and photos of December 27 protests in Iran

See some video footage of the people's battle against the Islamic regime of Iran on December 27:

In this one the protesters beat the special guards in memory of Neda:

Here you see people tearing Khamenei's poster and shouts of 'down with dictator' and with someone shouting 'the 1388 revolution':

Here are some photos:


  1. we are always and the side of the oppressed people of Iran are kürt peolple .Iranian protesters with all my heart I greet following

  2. people of Iran we all stand with your fight for freedom and justice!
    Erin Ebadi for President!

  3. Freedom and Love for the People of Iran¡

  4. The Iranian people fighting so bravely against such vile Dark Age Iranian Islamist regime, whom I suspect is in joint alliance an dleadership with Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah, are such an inspiration. The world must not allow these plain criminals and terrorists using Islam and God, to justify their Arabic cultural-political imperialism, violence and primitive savagery! The new leaders I hope will be secular and democratic - a new dawn for the once great modern and progressive Persian civilization! I used to love Iranian-Persian films - many intelligent ones! (I stopped since it's mostly Islamist ones!)

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)


  5. Down with the repressive Iranian regime, which maintains its power solely on the myth of religion, in this case the vilest of ALL faiths -- Islam!
    That such tyranny exists in the world today adequately reveals that man really is a superstitious animal.
    My hope lies with the Iranian people; that they will never give in to their despotic leaders!
    The world is watching!

  6. Here's to a world free from the mumbo jumbo of religion and its oppressive flawed tyrants from the dark ages

  7. Let's hope that after this there will come a peaceful regime in Iran. Nothing like the revengeful opponents of the sjah. Bring to justice the real perpetrators but learn also to forgive the ignorant followers.

  8. If we want to have longevity, we must Remove religion and gods from all governments and societies, start living as "One" human race. We have FAILED to cherish andd respect the beauty of life on this planet and will end up being our own demise. I hope that it's not too late to recover and become a peaceful species in which we can travel the Universe together as ONE...

  9. The Iranian people, with its long history, must take back its great heritage and throw away the mullas.

  10. Religion is the millstone round the neck of humanity. This fictious heavenly insurance policy, being sold by verious charlatan God squad salesmen, is the biggest con in history. self serving repressive words and concepts - such as heracy,sacralige, blasphemy,Papal infalibility,etc. Are all hypocritical terms designed to stop or stifle realistic cdritizism and investigation into God and religious concepts.Islam is the most retarded, female repressive religion of all. Iran - if it is to ever to progress through into a true modern enlightened society - needs to shake off the repression grip of religious head-bangers. The persian Arian people of Iran can be the leading light out of Islamic religious repression. This will show the other religiously imprissoned non muslims of the world, that not all Muslim countries peoples are brainless.

  11. Power to the freedom-fighters. I know they will make it. xx

  12. The religion of ISLAM is the problem, it is cruel and evil and straight from the pit of hell! It is leading people away from God down the wrong path!
    It has now become a problem around the world with people being persecuted and murdered, especially Jews and Christians who are peaceloving people.
    Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ who accepts us because Jesus paid the price for mankind`s sin on the cross of Calvary, there is no compulsion. We can choose to accept what Jesus has done for us or not, we are not forced to believe like Islam who threaten to behead people if they don`t accept allah and his messenger.
    I am praying for the people of Iran!!