Monday 20 June 2011

In memory of Neda and the thousands and thousands of others...

It has been...
2 years to the day that Neda Agha Soltan was shot dead by the Iranian regime's forces.

...30 years to the day that the regime started its purge of people and acitivists to secure its power. There were thousands of arrests and people were executed a couple of hours after their arrest. There were up to 500 executions a day. Women and girls who were still virgins were raped before execution to make sure they wouldn't go to heaven. 

The killing and torture continue. So does the struggle of the Iranian people!

Saturday 18 June 2011

20 June: Support political prisoners in Iran

It has been two years since the uprising in Iran when millions of people came out onto the streets. The people of Iran are still fighting against the Islamic regime and the regime oppresses them in ever more brutal ways. Part of this oppression is the imprisonment, torture and execution of political activists, students and ordinary citizens. 
The Campaign to free political prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) has called for a day of action in support of political prisoners for this coming Monday, June 20.

Iran Solidarity is calling on everyone to come out in support of political prisoners this Monday. 

They need your support and your voices! The pressure of people from around the world must not falter if we want to see an end to the torture and execution of political prisoners and see the end of the Islamic regime.
There are nearly 50 cities taken part now. Have a look below and join them! Or do an act of support yourself and get in touch.

Patty Debonitas
Iran Solidarity, spokesperson

Participating cities:


Date: Søndag den 20  Juni
Time: 18:00 -19:30
Place: Sted. Foran Den Iranske Ambassade
organiser: CFPPI



Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 6.00
Place: Polytechnic University,
مراسم بیست جون در شهر آتن بقرار زیر است
دانشگاه پلی تکنیک آتن واقع در خیابان پاتیسیون ساعت شش عصر
Organizer: کمپین پناهجویان ایرانی دانشگاه پلی تکنیک


Vienna  1

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Details forthcoming
Vienna  2
 Date: Saturday 18 June 2011
Time: 3.00-4.00
Place: Albertinaplatz
Organizer: حامیان مادران پارک لاله در وین - اتریش
جمعیت دفاع از حقوق مردم ایران در اتریش
کمیته ی دفاع از حقوق بشردر ایران - اتریش
نسل آزادیخواه ایران
نهاد دفاع از دمكراسى و ازادى در ايران - نداى ايران


 Monday 20th June 2011
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In front of Iranian Embassy16 Prince´s Gate London SW7 1PT
Nearest underground station: High Street Kensington and also Knightsbridge
Contact: Shiva Mahbobi 07572356661
Organised by :Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Details forthcoming
Organizer: The Anti-Injustice Movement

Bognor Regis
كنسرت در حمايت از روز زندانيان سياسى
A Charity Concert in Support of 20 June 2011
May 29 at 3:00  
46 Sudley Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1ER UK



Monday  20 June 2011
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In front of Parliament
Contact: Abolghasem Kardar +47-4133-3268
Organised by :CFPPI

Cycling from Norway to Belgium to raise awareness about human rights abuse in Iran
سوار بر دوچرخه از نروژ بسوى پارلمان اروپا در بلژيك

Date: Saturday  18  June 2011
time: 12:00
Place: city centre
organiser: Suleyman Chokali
contact: 004740941473


Saturday 18th June 2011
 2:00 – 4:00  Beursplein
contact: Yalda Biranwand      0650994005
Organised by: CFPPI


Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 16.00-18.00
Place: Stora torget
Contact: Esmail Mardokhi; 0 737 59 85 66
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 16.00-18.00
Place: Brunnsparken
Contact: Navid Minaee – 0 708 544 529
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 17.00-19.00
Place: Stortorget
Contact: Fazel Naderi; 0736481740

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 17.00-18.30
Place: Rådhustorget
Contact: Gaby Hosseini; 0760879874
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 14.00-16.00
Place: Ronnebygatan 43 till 47 i Centrum
Contact: Amir Kamrani; 0 704 53 10 47
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 17.00-18:30
Place: Stortorget
Contact: Hasan Salehi; 0703171102
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 17.00-18.00
Place: Davidshallsbron; later, from 18.00-19.00, we will march with the flags and banners in the central part of Malmö
Contact: Faride Arman; 0 703 63 80 88
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Saturday 18 June
Time: 1700-1900
Place: Stortorget
Contact: Navid Mirpourzadeh; 0736587957;
Organizer: Mission Free Iran

Sävsjö (Jönköping)
Date: Monday 20 June
Time: 17:00-19:00
Location: Hörsalsparken
Organizer: Arian Mirzolfaghari
Contact: 0700773423;;

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 17.00
Place: sergels torg
Organizer: CFPPI

Date: Saturday 18 June
Time: 19:00-20:00
Place: Almedalen
We shall light candles, to show solidarity; to show we remember.
Vi ska tända ljus, att visa solidaritet; att vi minns.

Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 18.00
Place: Stora torget
Tel: 0707777313- Mahin Alipour


Limassol & Paphos
Location forthcoming
Time/Date forthcoming
Amir Masoud Khaghani, 96484292
Organizer: Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement (CRRM)

Location forthcoming
Time/Date forthcoming
Masoud Torabi, 96648884
Sayid Khaghani, 97654055
Bahman Shirdel,99840545
Seid Taghi Hoseini Bayati, 97681765
Organizer: Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement (CRRM)

Location forthcoming
Time/Date forthcoming
Ali Ramezani, 97712984
Maryam Aramesh, 99173783
Organizer: Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement (CRRM)

Location forthcoming
Time/Date forthcoming
Hamid-Reza Khaghani. 96424002
Organizer: Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement (CRRM)


Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Details forthcoming
organiser: انجمن همبستگی فعالان تبعیدی


Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 4pm-8pm
Place: Kropke
Contact: 0177 8348592

Uni  Saarbrücken
Um 11:30 bis 14:00 Uhr
Kultur verein Paywand

کانون فرهنگی پیوند زاربورکن آلمان
محل برگزاری: دانشگاه زاربورکن (روبروی سالن غذا خوری)
ازساعت 11,30 تا 2,00 بعد از ظهر
Munich  1
Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 4pm-5pm
Place: Marienplatz
Contact: United4Iran-Bayern

Munich  2
Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 8pm-9pm
Place: Marienplatz München
کانون ایرانیان آزادیخواه مونیخ /آلمان

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 18:00
Location: Hauptwache
Organizer: CFPPI
Contact: Shahnaz Moratab , Tel: 015774650186

Date: Saturday 18 June 2011
Time: 15:00 – 16:00
Location:, Katharinenstraße ,44137 Dortmund
Organized by: Mothers of Park Laleh- Dortmund

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 17:00
Location: Joachimstalerplz., am UB- Kurfürsten Damm
Organizer: CFPPI
Kontakt: 017624866317

Date: Monday 20 June 2011, 6:30 PM
Gerhart Hauptmann Platz
U-Bahn Mönckebergstrasse Karstadt
 Contact: 017648325613

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Stadtmitte
Contact: 01635522356   

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 2:00- 4:00
Location: Marktplatz

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
time: 16:00 – 19:30
Am Luisenplatz Darmstast

Montag 20 juni
ab:17 bis 19 Uhr
schiller platz
mehr info:Heshmat 0179 1178987

 در شهر ماینس مرکز هرهنگی ایران برای حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی از شما دعوت میکند که در گردهم آیی در روز دو شنبه 20 یونی  از ساعت 17 تا 19 عصر در  میدان شیلر پلاتس دور هم جمع شویم  و یاد زندانیا سیاسی را گرامی بداریم.

ماینس  میدان شیلر ساعت 5 عصر تا 7 عصر.
تلفن تماس ؛ 01791178987

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
12:00 – 16:00
Hassan Hosseinzadeh
 Tel: 01741351024

Los Angles, California Saturday
June 18, 2011
2:00-4:00 PM
Balboa Park in Encino, California
Contact: 310-866-9280
organizers by: Mothers of Park Laleh- Los Angles

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Monday, June 20, 2011
 1:00-2:00 PM Love Park in Philadelphia, PA
Organised by: Iranian Refugee Amnesty Network

Washington DC
    Date: 19 June 2011
    Time: 1pm
Assembly at the Islamic Republic of Iran Interests Section, 2009 Wisconsin Ave NW, at 1:00
followed by a march at 1:30 to M St in Georgetown
Organisers: Action for Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East, Mission Free Iran, Unity for Justice & Democracy in Iran, and Women's Alliance for Change in Iran)
Monir (Farsi - or Maria (English -; 240-595-2633).

Date: Sunday 19  June 2011
Time : 1:30   4:30
Place: Parr Library 6200 Windhaven Pkwy Plano, Tx. 75093
Organizer:  Anjoman Hambastegi ba Mardom Iran -Dallas

New York City, New York
Details forthcoming.
Contact: Ty, 631.907.4533

Houston, Texas
    Details forthcoming.
    Contact: Tour Irani

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: in Front of Eaton's Centre-Yonge& Dundas
Contact:  416 4717138 - 

Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 12:00 – 2:00
Location: in front of Parliament
Organizer: CFPPI
Contact: David Aram- 613-859-7929

 Date: Monday 20 June 2011
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Location: 700 Block, West Georgia street ( corner of Georgia and Granville)
Organizer: CFPPI

Go here for more info on the campaign

Thursday 16 June 2011

Saudi women behind the wheel now!

It is quite unbelievable that women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive! Driving licences are only issued to male drivers and women who drive are being arrested. The fatwa forbidding women to drive was issued in 1990 and is part of the misogyny that women there endure on a daily basis.

But the women of Saudi Arabia are standing up to claim their rights. The Women2Drive campaign is calling for Saudi women to come out and drive on Friday, 17 June in defiance of the ban.

Iran Solidarity is supporting all those women who will be out driving for their rights on Friday. We are joining in the call to support the women of Saudi Arabia. The issue of course is not the driving, but the misogyny that lies behind it.

For everyone outside of Saudi Arabia, you can do your bit to support Saudi women.
If you are driving on Friday, honk your horn in support, take a pic of yourself or your friends and colleagues in their cars or on their bicycles! The Facebook page of the campaign is here and here.

For all drivers and non-drivers who like to express their solidarity with Saudi women, below is a list of Saudi Arabia’s embassies around the world.
Drop them a line, give them a call, with the very clear and simple message:
I support the right of women in Saudi Arabia to drive!
Let us know how you get along!

We wish the women in Saudi Arabia a succesful and safe campaign!

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Argentina
Alejandro M. de Aguado 2881
Tel: 54-11-48023375 / 54-11-48024303/+54-11-48020760
Fax: +54-11-48061581

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Canberra, Australia
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Australia
38 Guilfoyle Street
Yarralumla ACT, 2600
P.O. Box 9162 Deakin ACT 2600
Tel: +61 (2) 62507000
Fax: +61 (2) 62507009

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Austria
Formanekgasse 38 1190
Tel: (0043 1) 367 25 31
Fax: (0043 1) 367 25 40

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Manama, Bahrain
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bahrain
PO Box 1085
Tel: 973-537722
Fax: 973-533261

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bangladesh
House 5, Road 83, Gulshan 2
Road No. 92, Gulshan
Tel: +880.2.882.9124
Fax: +880.2.882.3616

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Belgium
Av. F.D. Roosevelt, 45
Tel: 32-2-6492044 / 32-2-6495725
Fax: 32-2-6472492

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bosnia Herzegovina
Koaevo 44
Tel: 387-211861
Fax: 387-212204

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Brazil
QL 10, conj. 9, casa 20
CEP 9007-0471
Brasilia DF
Tel: 55-61-2483525
Fax: 55-61-2482905

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Brunei Darussalam, Brunei
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Brunei
No. 1, Simpang 570, Kampong Salar
BU 1429
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel: 673-2-792821 / 673-2-792823

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ontario Ottawa, Canada
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada
Ottawa,ON K1N1K
Tel: (+1) 613-237 4100
Fax: (+1) 613-237 0567

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Bejing, China
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in China
No. 1, Bei Xiao Jie, San Li Tun
Tel: 86-10-65324825 / 86-10-65325325
Fax: 86-10-65325324

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Miramar Havana, Cuba
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Cuba
5ta. Ave. No. 8206 e/ 82 y 84
Tel: 53-7-2041045 / 53-7-2041499
Fax: 53-7-2046401

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Praha, Czech Republic
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Czech Republic
Al Nuzha District, Saad
Bin Gharir St., Riyadh 11693, P.O.B.
Tel: +9661-4503617-9
Fax: +9661-4509879

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Hellerup, Denmark
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Denmark
Lille Strandvej 27
Hellerup DK-2900
Tel: 45 3962 1200
Fax: 45-39626009

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ethiopia
W24, K13, House No. 002
PO Box 1104
Jimma Rd. Old Airport Zone
Tel: 251-1-710303
Fax: 251-1-711799

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Finland
Stenbackinkatu 26
00250 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 477 8870
Fax: +358 9 454 3060

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Paris, France
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in France
5, avenue Hoche
Tel: 33-1-56794000
Fax: 33-1-56794001

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Accra, Ghana
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ghana
No. 13 No. 1 Fetreke St
Tel: 233-21-1774311
Fax: 233-21-1773424

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Hungary
Szpvlgyi t 37. III. em.
Tel: 36-1-4369500 / 36-1-4369501
Fax: 36-1-4533554

Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi, India
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in India
2, Pashchimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057
Tel: 26144073/26144083
Fax: 26144244/51663223

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Indonesia
Jalan MT
Haryono Kav 27
Cawang, Jakarta
Tel: 8011533 5
Fax: 8011527

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Rome, Italy
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Italy
Via G.B. Pergolesi 9
Tel: (+39)06 84 48 51
Fax: (+39)06 85 51 781

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Japan
8-4, Roppongi 1-chome, Minatoku
Tel: 81-3-35895241
Fax: 81-3-35895200

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Amman, Jordan
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Jordan
Jabal Amman – 5th Circle
PO Box 2133
Tel: 962-6-5926941
Fax: 962-6-5921154

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Kenya
P.O. Box 58297 00200 City Square
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254-20-762781
Fax: 254 20 243174

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Malaysia
4th Floor, Wisma Chinese Chamber, No. 258
PO Box 12002
Tel: 60-3-42579825
Fax: 60-3-42578751

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Pretoria, Mauritius
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Mauritius
711 Duncan Street
Tel: 27-12-3624231 / 27-12-3624242
Fax: 27-12-3624248 / 27-12-3624239

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Mexico
Paseo de las Palmas No. 2075, Delegacion Miguel
Hidalgo, 11000
Tel: 52-55-52510789
Fax: 52-55-50203160

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Rabat, Morocco
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Morocco
322,Av Imam Malik Km 6.600 Route Des Zaers
Tel: 212-37-657789

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Den Haag, Netherlands
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Netherlands
19, Alexanderstraat
Tel: +31-70-3614391
Fax: +31-70-4276183

Saudi Arabian Consulate in Auckland, New Zealand
Consulate of Saudi Arabia in New Zealand
1 Queen Street
Auckland City Center, Auckland 1143
Tel: +6499127808
Fax: +649126659

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria
182, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
Tel: 269 0306
Fax: (01) 269 01011

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan
House No. 14
Hill Road
Tel: + 92 – 51 – 2600900
Fax: + 92 – 51 – 2278816

Saudi Arabian Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan
Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan
20-22, Khayaban-e-Hafiz, Phase-V, D.H.A
Tel: +92-21-5841154
Fax: +92-21-5851755

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Metro Manila, Philippines
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Philippines
8th floor, Insular Life Bldg.
Tel: +63 (2) 817-3371 / +63 (2) 817-3372
Fax: +63 (2) 816-1477

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Poland
ul. Stepinska 55
Tel: 48-22-8400000
Fax: 48-22-8405636

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Portugal
Av. of the Restelo, 42
Tel: +351 21301 8341
Fax: 351-2-13014209

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Qatar
3rd Circle Rd.- South
Al- Mountazah Garden, Al-Doha
Tel: 427144/427145

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Singapore City, Singapore
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Singapore
163 Penang Road, #03-02/03
Winsland House 2, Singapore 238463
Tel: (65) 6734 5878
Fax: (65) 6738 5291

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in South Africa
711 Duncan Street, Cnr Duncan & Lunnon Street
PO Box 13930
Hatfield, 0029
Tel: 0027123624231
Fax: 0027123624249

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Sri Lanka
No. 43, Horton Place
Colombo 07
Tel: +94-11-2325371
Fax: +94-11-2446091

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Bern, Switzerland
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Switzerland
Kramburgstrasse 12
Tel: +41-31-3521555 /+ 41-31-3521556
Fax: +41-31-3514581

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tanzania
No. 61 Kimweri Street
PO Box 238
Tel: +255-22-2667470 / +255-22-2668203
Fax: +255-22-2668362

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Thailand
82 Saeng Thong Thani Bldg.,
23rd & 24th Fl., North Sathorn Rd., Silom
Tel: +66-2-6392999/+66-2-6392960
Fax: +66-2-6392950

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Turkey
Turan Emeksiz Sok. No:6
Tel: +90-312-4685540 /+ 90-312-4685542
Fax: +90-312-4274886

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Uganda
Plot 3 Okurut Close, Kololo
PO Box 22558
Tel: +256-41-340614 / +256-41-340616
Fax: +256-41-254017

Saudi Arabian Embassy in London, United Kingdom
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in United Kingdom
30 Charles Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7917 3000

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC, United States
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in United States of America
601 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.
Washington DC 20037
Tel: (202)342-3800
Fax: (+1) 202 944 3113

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Uzbekistan
A. Babur Street
Tel: +998-71-1526107 / +998-71-1526108

Sunday 12 June 2011

Letter of Mohammad and Abdallah Fathi’s mother to her sons after their final meeting

My dear ones, I wanted to tell you how close, on the morning of the 17th of May, was the last dawn of your lives to your final twilight. I wanted to weep from dawn to dusk from the grief of your loss; but I saw that strangers, your fiendish executioners, were sitting there watching, able to see my tears, and I was seized by dread, since my sons' last request had been "mother, do not cry, because crying is for those whose work in this world is finished and whose lives have come to an end"! Truly this was not sundown, but a dawn following swiftly and without delay on the heels of another.

Mohammad, when I saw your stately countenance, your boundless pride, your beautiful smile, your fortitude, your dignity, that broad chest and those powerful arms, and your striking prismatic eyes which had the beauty of the rainbow, I remembered something you always used to say. "The rainbow is what remains until the last drop of rain". And how beautifully you, likewise, shone to the last, showing that the end of a life, even at the hands of executioners and hangmen and tyrants, is not death but the burgeoning of a new beginning, and filling me with indescribable pride.

And Abdallah, you who were the smallest fruit of my garden - until our final meeting, I still considered you my little baby, who still needed attention and care. But then I saw you standing firm and proud, with a sweet smile on your face, your eyes sparkling and your chest and arms surging with power, resolutely ordering the soldiers who stood in my way to move back because you wanted to speak to me in private; and although your hands and feet were bound, and they were apparently under orders from the commander in chief, they retreated. At that moment I understood how my little boy had grown, and that I need not worry about him - and how proud and gratified I was.

I had big dreams, and yet bigger dreams, and they were all about my dear ones. When each of you first entered this world, I was joyful as any mother would be, and with each new day of your lives, your very existence filled me with happiness. But I want you to know that your departure has given me a feeling which is beyond joy, pride or peace, and which I do not know how to describe or express. You have made me proud and honoured to be the mother of such sons. Like all humans, you entered this life empty-handed, with your minds as empty slates. But you take your leave of this world brimming with honour, valour, manliness, love, compassion, brotherhood, humanity, forgiveness, and a devotion to freedom, and now you go joyfully to that new dawn, entering eternity with a smile on your lips. The roiling of your blood has made its mark on history as a beacon to those who strive for justice and humanity; and nobody, and nothing, can compare with this. Look behind you: your friends are following you.


نامه ی مادر محمد وعبدالله فتحی خطاب به فرزندانش بعد از آخرین دیدار

عزیزانم میخواستم به شما بگویم که در سحرگاه 27 اردیبهشت آخرین طلوع زندگیتان چه زود به غروب زندگیتان پیوست.

میخواستم به تمامی پهنای طلوع خورشید و غروب خورشید در غم از دست دادنتان گریه کنم ولی دیدم که نامحرمان جلاد ودیو سیرت آنجا به نظاره نشسته اند تا اشکهای پاک مرا ببینند، به خود نهیب زدم که آخرین خواسته ی فرزندانم این بوده که مادرم گریه نکن چون گریه برای کسیست که کارش در این دنیا تمام میشود وعمرش به پایان میرسد.!

در واقع غروبی نبود بلکه طلوعی بود از پس طلوع دیگر بدون درنگ وتامل.

محمدم وقتی سرو قامتی ،غرور بی انتها ، لبخند زیبا ،اعتماد به نفس ، سر برافراشته ات ،آن سینه ی فراخ ، بازوان پر قدرت وچشمان زیبای هفت رنگت که به زیبایی رنگین کمان بود را دیدم یادم به این جمله ی زیبایی که همیشه میگفتی افتاد که: رنگین کمان سهم آنیست که تا آخرین قطره زیر باران بماند وتو چه زیبا به این سهم رسیدی و نشان دادی که پایان زندگی آن هم به دست جلادان و دژخیمان وضحاکان مرگ نیست. بلکه جوشش و خروش و رویش مجدد است و به من احساس غرور وصف ناپذیری دست داد.

واما عبدالله تو که کوچکترین میوه ی باغ زندگیم بودی تا لحظه ای که با توآخرین دیدار را داشتم هنوز تو را فرزند کوچک خود میپنداشتم یعنی کسی که هنوز احتیاج به مراقبت و نگهداری دارد وزمانی که دیدم تو چگونه استوار ، محکم ،سر برافراشته ، با لبخند شیرین ،چشمان شفاف ودرخشان ،سینه ی ستبر و بازوان نیرومند آنجا حضور پیدا کردی و هنگامی که با لبخند شیرین ، با صلابت ،استواری وتحکم به سربازانی که مارا محاصره کرده بودند فرمان دادی عقب بروید با مادرم حرف خصوصی دارم با وجود این که تو دستها وپاهایت بسته بود!آنها نیز گویا از فرمانده کل قوا دستور میگرفتند وآنچنان عقب کشیدند!تازه آن وقت بود که دانستم فرزند کوچکم چقدر بزرگ شده و احتیاج نیست که من نگران او باشم و چقدر احساس وجد وخوشنودی کردم.

عزیزانم زمانی که هر کدام از شما قدم به این دنیا گذاشتید من هم مثل همه ی مادران خوشحال شدم وهر روز که میگذشت برایتان آرزوهای بزرگ وبزرگتر داشتم و فقط از داشتن شما خوشحال بودم ولی دلم میخواهد این را بدانید که رفتن شما احساسی ورای خوشحالی وغروروآرامش به من دادکه نمی دانم آن راچگونه بیان وتوصیف کنم .شما به من عزت وافتخاروغروردادید ازاین که مادر فرزندانی چون شما هستم به خودم می بالم ،شما هما نند تما م انسانهایی که پا به عرصه زندگی می گذارند با دستان خالی وهمچون لوح سفید به این دنیا پا گذاشتید ولی با کوله بارهایی ازغیرت وشرف ،مردانگی ،عشق ، مهربانی ،برادری ،انسانییت ،بخشش ،آزادی خواهی ،با این دنیا وداع کردید وبه طلوع دیگری باشادی ولبخند پیوستید ودرابدیت جاری شدید وجوش وخروش خون شما درپیکر تاریخ عدالت خواهی وانسانییت به جریان افتاد وهیچ چیز وهیچ کس رایارای مقابله باآن نیست نگاهی به پشت سرتان بیندازید ، یاران شما از پی تان روانند .

بازتکثير از کميته بين المللي عليه اعدام

۱٣ ژوئن ۲۰۱۱

Thursday 2 June 2011

Osanloo free at last

ITF Press Release

The ITF is delighted to announce that imprisoned trade unionist Mansour Osanloo was today freed from jail in Iran almost four years since his arrest and imprisonment, which set off a storm of international protest.

His release is conditional on his ‘good behaviour’ and the payment of a bond.

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) has led demands for Mansour Osanloo’s release. ITF general secretary David Cockroft commented: “This is a great day for Mansour and his family – and for his fellow Vahed union members and those of us in the international trade union movement who are honoured to call him a friend. It’s doubly welcome given the deterioration in his health during his time behind bars.

“He is free because trade unionists worldwide demanded justice.”

He continued: “That bail has been set falls short of the full pardon we all wanted, and which the Iranian government promised, but for now we can just take a moment to savour his richly deserved return to his family.”

“But – and sadly even on a day as good as this one there has to be a but – there are other innocents in jail in Iran for the same ‘crime’ of wanting to join a trade union. They include Mansour’s colleagues, Reza Shahabi and Ebrahim Madadi. For all of them, and us, the fight is not over. As much as we welcome the Iranian government’s move and its finally listening to reason, we know we must renew our insistence that those other prisoners are set free and the threat of re-arrest lifted from Mansour, and then commit the ITF, our member unions and friends in the trade union and human rights movements to campaigning on their behalf.”

The Vahed Syndicate responded to the news by saying that they would like to thank everyone who has fought so hard for his release.

Mansour Osanloo was a bus driver and is the president and one of the founding members of the Vahed Syndicate, a free trade union representing Tehran's bus workers. From its beginnings in 2005 the ITF-affiliated union was subjected to heavy repression, including repeated attacks and arrests. Mansour Osanloo was heavily targeted. As well as being beaten up and having his tongue slit he was imprisoned in 2005 and 2006. Then in 2007, just one month after visiting the London head office of the ITF and meeting trade unionists in Brussels, he was arrested. Three months later he was sentenced to five years imprisonment on charges of ‘acting against national security’ and ‘propaganda against the state’; in 2010 another year was added to his sentence. In reality his only offence was to help found a genuinely democratic trade union.

For more details, including a film, press releases and history, please see