Thursday, 15 July 2010

List of persons stoned or awaiting death by stoning in Iran

Farshad Husseini of the International Committee against Stoning has put together a list of all those stoned (over 100) and those waiting death by stoning (over 60). These are known cases only; the exact numbers are much higher.

An English version of this report will follow.


  1. Hi

    What can be done to help? Have signed petitions, told friends, etc etc. Want to do more.

  2. I agree to what Anonymous said - what can we do more??? We are many who wants to do more but does not know how. What is needed is a strategy list of how angry citizens arround the world can hit and hurt the leaders of Iran! Where are their weak spots? What and who are they depending on that are within our reach to interfere and sabotage? Here's for example a list of corporations dealing with Iran,
    we could start by boycoting them,protest to their CEO's and send demands to ones own government,EU,FN and USA that they will construct new sanctions for these corporations specificly tied to the death sentences of women in Iran.
    We can also send demands to the international criminal court (ICC) that they arrest those that are responsible for these stonings and hangings and charge them for crimes against humanity.
    More suggestions are greatly appreciated! Let's give those psychopatic woman hating mass murderers HELL!!!