Thursday 13 May 2010

Update on 13 May general strike in Iranian Kurdistan

May 13 General Strike Update

Today 13 May, a general strike has been called in Iranian Kurdistan by political opposition groups.

Despite the regime’s unofficial military rule and extensive security to intimidate people, many cities in Kurdistan have joined the general strike.

Reports coming in reveal that Bukan, Saqez, Kamyaran, Mahabad, Divandara and Piranshahr and many parts of Marivan and Sanandaj have joined the strike.

Divandara, Piranshahr and Kamyaran have completely shut down. The regime’s security forces have broken down some store doors and are putting pressure on store owners to open their shops. They are being threatened with losing their business license if they do not reopen.

Many children have not gone to school and it is reported that schools are to shut down at noon despite teachers having been warned to keep schools open on the day.

Many of the shops and workplaces in Miyandoab and surrounding villages have shut down. All of the ones in Marivan and the market and workplaces in Mahabad are shut. People are also not entering government offices for any work they may have. Many streets are completely empty.

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