Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Jean Sanvoisin's act of solidarity

Jean Sanvoisin, militant in the CGT trade union in France and of the CCI-T wrote the following:

Like you, I weep blood tears with my friends in France for the cowardly murder of the Five in Téhéran. I am glad that a general strike will occur in Iranian Kurdistan May 13 in memory of them and to continue the struggle against the yet and soon condemned islamic republic. Already in France, our militant action, unfortunately quite limited, will happen in the imminent future. Maybe, tomorrow, I shall send you a public document of some of my friends to be published in a daily regional french newspaper.

I think about another public stands about this horrible murders in Téhéran and the necessity to overthrow such a regime which maintains itself only with the help of local iranian bourgeoisie and support of imperialism including french reactionary one.

Yours for the revolution, as Jack London said.

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