Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What you can do for Sakineh

The Islamic regime of Iran is talking about changing Sakineh's sentence of stoning to hanging and to execute her once they get the go-ahead from the Ministry of Justice.

You can do something!

It is important that we let the Iranian regime know that the world stands in support of Sakineh. It is important that as many people as possible let the Islamic regime know that we are outraged at Sakineh's execution sentence. Tell them that we want her freed NOW! The worldwide outrage and protest is what kept Sakineh alive. It is vital that we continue our protest. Flood the embassies and the Islamic regime's offices with protest letters, emails, faxes and calls.

At the top of our blog you find the contact list for the embassies of the Islamic Republic across the world. Email, fax and call them. You can organise a protest outside the IRI embassy in your country. It's very effective! Invite your friends, publish it on social media site and invite the media.

List of IRI embassies around the world

We have also the list with contact details for various government offices of the Islamic regime. Again, call, fax and email them.

List of IRI government offices in Iran

If you have any questions, need help with something or you are planning a protest, please get in touch!
iransolidaritynow (at)  gmail (dot) com

minaahadi (at) aol (dot) com


  1. My wife and I have sent an email to the Iranian Embassy in Canberra, Australia, in support of Sakineh, (cc forwarded to Iran Solidarity).

    I hope it adds to the groundswell of protest, and that they take notice of it all.

  2. I live in Sydney and would also like to send an email to the Iranian Embassy in Canberra, but am unsure how to start.
    @Ian MacDougall - Would love to be cc'd in on your email.