Thursday 29 December 2011

Notes from Iran #3: Shoe thrower Rashid S. is likely to face execution

Two weeks ago we wrote about Rashid S. who had thrown his shoe at Ahmadinejad in an act of civil disobedience and disgust over his unemployment and the fact that he had not been paid by his employer for the last year he had been working.  According to news reports, Rashid Shahbandi had been arrested, has been tortured and is very likely facing execution.

There is no doubt that he will not get a fair trial, if he gets one at all. It will probably be one of those show trials the Islamic regime likes to put on, thinking that there are actually people out there believing that ‘justice’ is being done… when all that is happening is that the Islamic regime is trying to keep its power by spreading and inflicting more violence and more terror.

Throwing your shoe at a leader of a dictatorial regime is nothing but couragous. We can only imagine under what pressure people like Mr Shahbandi must live to lose their fear of confronting their oppressor. No doubt the regime will try to hand down a heavy sentence to deter others from showing and voicing their anger. But it is too late for that. It was too late for that a long time ago.

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