Friday, 2 December 2011

1 gone - 96 to go!

Wednesday, 30 November saw the closure of the Islamic regime of Iran's embassy in London on the orders of the foreign secretary William Hague. This came in response to the attacks on the British embassy in Tehran by members of the government-backed Basij militia that happened on Tuesday, 29 November. We are now seeing the last of the Iranian diplomats leave the UK.

Iran Solidarity welcomes the closure of the embassy in London.
And we are actively supporting the closure of ALL the Islamic regime's embassies around the world. We counted 97, so 96 to go!

We have long been calling for the diplomatic isolation of the Iranian regime and the closure of ALL of its embassies are part of this. Diplomatic and political isolation of the regime are the cornerstones of support for the Iranian people's struggle to get rid of the Islamic Republic. It is unfortunate however that this important step comes only now after a tit for tat over sanctions in regards to the nuclear issue and the attack on the British embassy in Tehran; decades of hideous crimes against Iranians have provoked no such reaction by foreign governments.

The embassies of the Islamic regime are an outpost of the terror that sits in Tehran.

ALL embassies of the Islamic regime must be shut down.

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