Tuesday, 7 December 2010

In support of Students in Iran

Students have always been a vital part of protesting against the brutal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and today on Student Day (16 Azar, 7 December) they are protesting in their thousands at universities across Iran.

Student organisations at various universities throughout Iran have called for strikes and protests and they are firm in their message to the regime that 16 Azar is a day of resistance and that they will fight ‘until the last breath to destroy religious tyranny.’

Today, the regime’s forces are controlling the universities, barring students from entering the campus and blocking others inside from gathering, all under the threat of violence. The streets around Tehran University are occupied by security forces. This morning Ali Larijani, the speaker of Parliament, has given the go-ahead to the security forces to suppress the demonstrations.

‘Death to dictator’ shouts have been heard over the last couple of days and they are continuing today in front of universities, at meetings and protests. The students demand the release of their imprisoned fellow students and the release of all political prisoners. No doubt they will be met with brutal force, intimidation and arrests by the Islamic regime’s forces. No doubt the students will continue their protest.

We are protesting today to show our solidarity with the students in Iran. To support them in their struggle for freedom and against the tyranny that makes their and their fellow Iranians’ life a nightmare.

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