Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Scott Long's message of solidarity from Chicago, USA

Scott send this message to the people of Iran:

The Mullahs hijacked God and called it an Islamic Republic. The darkness seems to be fading and I pray it will come within my lifetime. For thirty years I have waited to have a coffee at the University in Teheran and talk philosophy and matters of faith with the students.

Let the revolution spill into the streets, not in blood, but in the joy of freedom of expression and liberty for all its citizens.

He adds:

I am so sick of tainted souls using God to act Godlessly. The Mullahs in Iran share so much with the Republicans here in the US. A fear based soul produces only ill will, repression and more fear. Such a waste of all those good loving people in Iran. Such a waste of all those young people's minds. Somewhere in Iran, someone may have the answer as to how we can live in the Grace of one God who loves all people of all faiths. Let the people be free. In this may lie our salvation.

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