Monday, 8 March 2010

Ernestine's act of solidarity from Canada

Ernestine sends the following message as her act of solidarity:

Thanks for keeping the world informed of your bravery and courage as you struggle with this evil force. I live across the world from you (west coast of Canada)...

There are many protests in our country against a number of issues, one of which I'm involved. This is to get our leaders to do what was promised several years ago, which is to get drugs for HIV/AIDs, malaria and TB, sent to Africa for the grandmothers there who are raising their orphaned grandchildren. Many of these children are born with HIV and very possibly will not live past the age of two. I won't bore you with statistics, but we are trying to help these families and without our Government's help it isn't quickly enough.

I wish I had the energy to help with your force. I read daily of the atrocities in Iran and Islamic fundamentalist groups and pray that sooner rather than later the tide will change.

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