Tuesday, 9 March 2010

John Neighbour's message of solidarity

I felt that I just had to write you a few lines.

I always read your news-letters and my heart is with you. I have no vested interest, other than believing very much in your cause. However, I am sorry that I have not been more involved. I do not live in London, and although I would have gladly contributed more to your cause, and would have loved to have attended the dinner in aid of your manifesto, but I am a pensioner and don't have much, if anything to spare. All I can give you is my support from my heart.

I am so sorry about what is happening in your country and I hope that things improve. It must be terrible for you having to see what is going on - it's bad enough for me, and I'm a red-haired, green eyed Scot. However, we are all brothers and sisters though, and I look forward to the time that things improve in your country.

I will now access the websites that you've printed below to see exactly what I can do to help.

With the greatest respect for you and your sisters.

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