Sunday, 7 November 2010

To all those who have campaigned to save Sakineh’s life

A message from Mina Ahdi and Asqar Karimi
4 November 2010

Your two days of round-the-clock struggle have again saved Sakineh from execution and put the Islamic Republic in its place. These two days are unforgettable and must be recorded in the history of all justice-loving people in the world.

Soon after receiving the news of Sakineh’s imminent execution by the Islamic Republic, which was publicised by the Committee against Execution and Stoning, there was such a storm directed at the Islamic Republic that it forced them to nullify their plan to commit the crime. In the space of only 24 hours, half a million people sent letters of objection, approximately two million protest messages were sent via twitter, the news was headlined in the majority of global news media, there were interviews with the heads of the ‘Save Sakineh campaign’ and many demonstrations were organised. More than ten governments protested against the Islamic Republic and condemned the death sentence.

This is how another great episode in the campaign to save Sakineh opened and a proud page has turned in the history of the struggle of people of the world against the horrendous and criminal Islamic Republic. In truth, what we are witnessing is the confrontation of humanity standing against the inhumane fossils of history. For those who want to make history, rather than be a victim of it, and for those who do not wait for governments decisions but on the contrary dictate what has to be done, this was without a doubt a great event and an important political occasion.

The Islamic Republic’s setback is temporary, but the result of this campaign is permanent. It demonstrated the influence of the people of the world and made it clear to the heads of the Islamic Republic, who have nothing to show for their dark history of thirty-one years in power but crime, that a great wave of solidarity for Sakineh and the Iranian people is gathering momentum and that the Iranian people, who are struggling to topple this regime to gain freedom and a justice life, deeply need this support.

On behalf of the International Committees against Execution and Stoning, we salute you sincerely. Your urgent action made it clear that we can save Sakineh, Sajad and Hutan, and the German journalists, and secure the release of all those under sentence of stoning and thousands of political prisoners from the claws of this regime. The Iranian people, in their great historic struggle to save themselves and all humanity from a government that brings shame to all humanity, are counting on you.

Long live to you all
Long live to justice and humanity

Mina Ahadi, spokesperson and Asqar Karimi, coordinator of the International Committee against Execution and Stoning.

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  1. please tell us what to do - i don't imagine the sentence has been postponed indefinitely.