Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sakineh Ashtiani's son: 'do not let her be executed'

Per the latest update by the International Committee against Execution, Sakineh's lawyer met with the prosecutor's office today. However, no final decision has been made on the case and another meeting has been set for next Saturday. We need to keep the pressure on so that it will be too costly for the regime to execute her.

Here is the latest letter from her 22 year old son, Sajjad:

The Letter of Sajjad Qaderzadeh, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, to the United Nations.
12 August 2010

In the Name of Justice for Our Father, Our Mother Is Being Executed

Our mother is not a murderer. Do not let her be executed.

For five years we have endured the nightmare of our mother being stoned. There has been news of our mother’s crime – adultery – everywhere, and talk that she would be stoned to death. This frightful word, “stoned,” has been continuously repeated in connection with our mother. This has made us cry day after day and wonder how we would live without her.

Time after time we tried to help our mother. We searched different avenues. We found people who we thought might be able to help us. We wrote letters saying, “do not let the pain of our mother’s death add to our already painful lives.” I do not know why nobody listened. Perhaps there are people who enjoy seeing our mother suffer and us having dark nightmares.

Two months ago we heard that all possibilities for securing our mother’s freedom had been exhausted, and that our mother may be stoned soon. Our last option was to ask people of the world to help us. Now many people around the world talk about our mother and her fate, and this has given us positive support.

But now, suddenly, the situation has changed: [the Islamic Republic] has changed our mother’s crime to murder, with a sentence of death.

This is not true.

Whatever she says now it is because of being captured and the nightmare of stoning and the death sentence.

This is not acceptable. We know that our mother is not a murderer. Our father’s murder file has been looked into and someone else has confessed. The file is closed now; all the files are there to be seen. Now, how is it that the government sources want to open the files and judge our mother a murderer? It looks as though to be fair to our father, they want to kill our mother. What sort of justice is this?

In order to look at this situation impartially, we ask the United Nations to send a committee to Iran to review these questions.

Sajad Qaderzadeh
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son

Disseminated by the International Committee against Stoning and the International Committee against Execution


  1. May our almighty God hel this woman!


    Mike Green

  3. In the name of humanity, free this woman NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Sajjad,
    Just whatever you do, Don't give up. Don't give up on your mother or the justice she might see. I would ask a delegation from Brazil to go over there straight away and try and secure her release to their custody. If the Iranian government seees them there and entertains their request, it's going to put them in a difficult position to say now. But you have to plant the seed inside their head. They might respond and do this. It's one thing to talk of it and ask for the asylum, but another thing for them to just go there and show them they are serious. Don't quit trying. Plant the seed and get them moving. These are humanitarian efforts. Regards and Godspeed. Marybeth

  5. Nothing wrong with stoning as long as the evidence stacks up and the legal route followed correctly. If she's innocent, then release and compensate her and her family. This is true Islam. May Allah swt guide us all.

  6. The islam republic Iran should be ashame,the men of Iran don't diserve a women,they are like filt of the earth.A women should be having respect from barbaric treatment of the men of Iran.If this is islam I will leave my faith and turn me away from my believe in Allah. Everything is good in the name of Allah,Allah don't even know what they do in his name,let these people be punish when they stay in front of him,end let them suffer in hell,and let there family living in hell toso thyat they know how it feels,for now bye mister president if Iran sleep fine,and suffer in hell.

  7. Adultery is a crime against the family, not against the people of Iran or the government. The government has no business in this matter, innocent or guilty. Free this woman now.

  8. ps....

    And, if adultery is a crime against Allah, than Allah will take care of it.

  9. I think about your mother and sign petitions for her. I hope that one day the Devils who rule Iran will be chased.

  10. There is no way that anyone in their right mind can think there is nothing wrong with stoning, what kind of barbaric mindset do you have?It sickens me to think that this kind of treatment goes on, this is not the fucking stone age you neanderthal asshole.

    free this poor woman and if needs be expel her from Iran. Sickos.

  11. Dear Sajjad,

    We are all with you. There are millions of people in this world who curse those who stone women to death.
    Maryam,we really appreciate the pains you are taking on this case, you are a COURAGEOUS woman.

    We fervently hope that Shakineh Ashtiani would be able to join free people in a civilized country.

  12. im sorry no one has the write to kill anyone

  13. So where is the Obama Administration in speaking out against this outrage? Off to Mumbai to be treated as a Raj @ US taxpayer expense of $200 million a day! For all Barack Obama's rhetoric concerning human rights, neither he nor Michelle Obama have spoken up in demanding an end to this barbarous, medieval torture of an innocent woman!While women (and men) are protesting in Paris, Brussels, and throughout Europe, Michelle Obama takes lavish vacations, and concerns herself with her wardrobe. Shame on them both!