Thursday 5 August 2010

Sakineh Ashtiani accepts Brazilian President’s offer of asylum

Press Release No 36

Ms Ashtiani today said that she is grateful for the offer made by the Brazilian president Lula da Silva and that she accepts his offer. She has also come under a lot of pressure by the prison authorities who keep questioning her about her alleged contacts with the media and outside individuals.

International Committee against Stoning
International Committee against Execution
5 August 2010

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  1. ما ایرانی هستیم و باهم و هیجکس حق دست درازی به حقوق بشر در ایران ندارد. حتی حکومت احمقانه اسلامی خامنه ای.

    We are Iranian, we are together and nobody has right to touch the human right, and nobody has to kill another, even the big stupid Islamic republic of Khamenei.

    Nous sommes Iranien, Nous sommes ensemble et personne n'a le droit de toucher le droit de l'homme, et personne ne doit tuer un autre, même la grande République islamique d'stupide Khamenei.

    Wir sind iranische, Wir sind zusammen, und niemand hat ein Recht auf das menschliche Recht berühren, und niemand hat einen anderen zu töten, auch der große dumme Islamischen Republik Khamenei.

  2. This poor woman must be freed to be with her children. There is no justice in Iran.

  3. I wonder, how can anyone claim to be a true follower of Allah while demanding the death penalty? Allah is the righteous judge, not man, not even those called 'imam'. And what about compassion? Isn't Allah called the Compassionate and the Merciful in the Quran? If he is, shouldn't we be? What compassion is there in stoning a woman to death, thereby depriving her children of their mother? I say, let Sakineh Ashtiani go free, Mr. Khamenei. Then maybe we can believe that you truly serve Allah.