Friday 26 February 2010

Van Z. Hampton's act of solidarity with the people of Iran

Message of solidarity from Van Z. Hampton, Dodge City, Kansas:

Thank you for your faithfulness in the fight against tyranny in Iran , and around the world. History teaches us that tyrants are willing to invoke the name of God, and claim they are representing the "true" faith, as they abuse people and engage in all manner of evil that they deem necessary to retain power. I am a Christian, but acknowledge the lessons of history that showed Christian leaders were sometimes willing to kill in the name of Christ while failing to see the contradiction.

I am a District Court Judge in the State of Kansas (in the center of the United States ). As such, I am cognizant of the necessity of the rule of law in society. However, I think we can agree, law that is wielded to abuse the people and preserve the regime of an unjust ruler is no law at all, but rather the bare assertion of power. The people are right to oppose such.

I am with you.

Keep speaking the truth.

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