Monday, 1 February 2010

66 political prisoners sentenced to death

This is a list of political prisoners in Iran who have been sentenced to be executed. This list was published by the International Committee against Executions.

1- Ali Saremi
2- Ayob Porkar
3- Ahmad karimi
4- Amir Reza Arefi
5- Naser Abdolhosaini
6- Reza Khatami
7- Saeed Shah-Ghaleai
8- Abbas Deldar
9- Farhad Vakili
10- Alireza Karami Khairabadi
11- Khaled Hardani
12- Mehrdad Rahimi
13- Koohyar Goodarzi
- Mohammad Amin Valian

In Kurdistan
14- Zainab Jalalian
15- Habib-alah Latifi
16- Sherkoo Maarefi
17- Farhad Vakili
18- Farzad Kamangar
19- Ali Haidarian
20- Hossain Khezri
21- Rashid Akhkandy
22- Mohamad Amin Agooshi
23- Ahmad Pooladkhani
24- Syed Sami Hossaini
25- Syed Jamal Mohamadi
26- Rostam Arkia
27- Mostafa Salimi
28- Anvar Rostami
29- Hassan Talaee
30- Iraj Mohamadi
31- Mohamad Amin Abdollahi
32- Ghader Mohamadzadeh
33- Shirin Alamhooe
34- Adnan Hassanpour
35- Hiva Botimar
36- Ramazan Ahmad( from Kurdistan-Syria, held in Oorumiye Prison)
37- Farhad Chalesh
38- Sarhad Chalesh (activist from Kurdestan-Turkey, held in Zanjan prison)
39- Saeed Ramezan(from Kurdistan-Syria, held in Ghazvin Prison)
40- Hazhar Ghaderi
41- Jahangir Badozade
42- Aziz Mohammadzadeh (on hunger strike, in solidary confinement)

In Sistan & Baloochestan
43- Abdolrahman Naroee
44- Abed GahramZehi
45- Abdaljalil Reegi
46- Naser Shebakhsh
47- Mahmoud Reegi
48- Ali Sayedi
49- Valid Naisi
50- Mahed Faradipour
51- Daeer Mahavi
52- Maher Mahavi
53- Ahmad Sayedi
54- Yousef Laftepour

In Ahvaz
55- Ovde Afravi
56- Ali reza Salman Delghi
57- Ali Halghi
58- Moslem Alhaee
59- Abdolreza Navaseri
60- Yahya Naseri
61- Abdoliman Zayeri
62- Nazem Bryhy
63- Abdolreza Helichi
64- Zamal Bavi
65- Risan Savari
66- Laila Kabi

Iran Solidarity calls for an immediate abolition of the death penalty and demands the release of all those detained in recent protests and all political prisoners.

What you can do?

Make the names of political prisoners known to your friends, relatives, any groups you might belong to, your MP and the media. Tell them about the situation in Iran. You can write to the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassy in the country where you live to register your protest:

In the US, Iran is represented at the embassy of Pakistan
Embassy of Pakistan
Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran
2209 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
Fax (202) 965-1073 (202) 965-4990

16 Prince’s Gate
Fax: 020 7589 4440

Botschaft der Islamischen Republik Iran
Podbielskiallee 67, 14195 Berlin
Fax 0049 (30) 84353535

4 Avenue d Iena
75116 Paris
Fax 47238948-47203921-40700157

245 Metcalfe St.
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2K2 Canada
Fax 613-232-5712

Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Canberra
PO Box 705 , Mawson ACT 2607
Fax (02)62902431

Box 6031
181 06 LIDINGÖ
Fax: 0046 + 8 + 63 63 626

28016 Calle Jeres , 5
Fax: +34-91-93451190

Jaures Gasse 9
1030 Wien
(+43-1) 7135733, 7134694

Via Della Camilluccia 651
135 Rome
(+39-6) 36303757, 86215286

Or directly to:
Leader of Islamic Republic
His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed ‘ Ali Khamenei
The Office of the Supreme Leader, Soahada Street
Qom, Islamic Republic of Iran
Fax: + 98 251 7 774 2228
(mark "FAO The Office of His Excellency,
Ayatollah al Udhma Khamenei")
Email: or

His Excellency Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad
The Presidency, Palestine Avenue, Azerbaijan Intersection, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Fax: +0098 21 649 5880


  1. This is so horrific, it defies belief.

  2. So these people are executed because they fight against GOD!?!
    Mr. Khamenenei - are you GOD?
    Mr. Ahmadinejad - are you GOD?
    What you are doing is utter blasphemy! And that is punishable by death according to Islam!
    May you never have one nights sleep in peace!

  3. This is more proof of your own cruel evil regime and your inhumanity to man.

  4. Iran will become free from evil forces..

  5. Iranian dictatorial regime cannot justify its crimes any more. Violence and murder is all that this corrupt government can offer... let's support Iranian people's struggle!

  6. No belief-system - whether Islam, Christianity, Judaism or atheism - has the right to use force or violence against those of different beliefs. Islam (which is only one of many views of life) has not yet been shorn of its primitive elements by having to come to terms with rational thought, as Christianity was at the Reformation & the Enlightenment. Until this has been achieved, it will remain an anachronism and a nuisance. Above all, religious belief must NEVER be enshrined in state power: Europe has learned that lesson the hard way over many centuries. Iran deserves better than these tinpot bullying ayatollahs; with luck (I nearly wrote inshallah!) they will soon be a thing of the past.

  7. Hi,
    I have send this to all the members of the parliament in Iceland!
    I hope it will help!
    Best regards,
    Konrad Ragnarsson

  8. Copy of email sent to Iran Embassy UK

    I am writing to express my deep horror and despair at the execution of Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour by the Islamic regime of Iran at dawn this past Thursday, January 28 for the so called ‘crime’ of ‘enmity against god’.

    What barbarism!

    I am, by copy of this email, seeking support from my MP to demand that the UK parliament actively campaign for the immediate abolition of the death penalty and demands the release of all those detained in recent protests and all political prisoners in Iran. A list of prisoners is given below.

    Yours sincerely

    Patrick Langan

  9. The deaths appear to be a result of pact with Satan. So beware Iran you mau be punished like Haiti. So atone and let others go free.

  10. This foul regime is dying and is killing people whose only crime is dissent.
    The 'god' this 'theocracy' believes in demands the end of the lives of those who question his representatives on Earth? Here's to a god free planet as soon as possible and defiance in the face of Religious fascism. The only hell which exists is the one created by religion and its intolerance of humanity's quest for freedom from it.

  11. These cruel despots use religion as their source of power because so many believe in it.
    When will people come to their senses and understand that religion is merely a means by which the clergy control people for their own ends.
    These executions are an affront to humanity. In essence, Iran's leaders are calling themselves gods
    Religion is the scourge of our Earth!
    Stop believing in age-old myths and superstitions and live in the real world!