Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Long live International Women's Day!

 Today thousands of women and men are on the streets of Tehran and other cities to mark International Women's Day and to protest against the Islamic regime of gender apartheid.

We stand in solidarity with the people in Iran, their courage and their determination; we support them in their struggle for equality. On the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, equality for women in Iran and too many other places is still not a reality.

Thus we can only look with utter disbelief and disgust at the UN having given the Islamic regime of Iran a seat on the UN commission on the status of Women.

After 100 years of celebrating international women's day, the very organ that is supposed to ensure women's equality and their advancement in the world invites a regime that has shown nothing but misogyny for the last 32 years to determine women's fate on a global level.

If the Libyan regime is (rightly) thrown out of the Human Rights council because of its actions over the last weeks, then the Iranian regime must be thrown out of UN Women for its track record over the last 32 years. By having governments such as the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Women organisation, the UN is making a mockery of those who stand up for women's rights and equality and who are being brutally and bloodily suppressed for it by the very regimes that get recognition from the UN.

There is no alternative but to kick the regime out immediately.

In its place should come a delegation of Iranian women’s rights defenders that represent the people in Iran and their demands.

When the UN welcomes regimes of gender apartheid in its halls and hands power to them, equality for millions of women becomes ever harder to obtain.

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