Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Political prisoner to be executed in Iran tomorrow

I received this message from Ehsan’s family yesterday. Ehsan is 28 and was born in Kermanshah, Iran. He worked in Kamiran, Iranian Kurdistan. He was arrested two years ago because of apostasy (renouncing his religion) and working in opposition to the Islamic regime. At first he was sentenced to ten years in jail, but subsequently the High Court sentenced him to be executed because of apostasy.

Two days ago, Sunday, 8 November his lawyer was informed that Ehsan will be executed at 4am this Wednesday in the prison of Sannandaj. On Sunday Ehsan went on hunger strike and dozens of other prisoners have written a letter appealing to the world community to do something against this state-sponsored murder.

Ehsan Fattahian is not the only activist in this kind of situation. According to reports a further 16 Kurdish political activists in various prisons have received the death sentence . According to several Kurdish human rights websites Habib Ollah Latifi and Shirko Ma'rofi are also in great danger of being executed in the coming weeks.

Time is running out. I ask everyone, who has contact with their government and all secular and humanist organisations: Help us to save Ehsan! He and his family are desperate, but I think we can save Ehsan. Join in and help us!

Mina Ahadi
International Committee Against Executions

Please sign the petition

Mina Ahadi

Farshad Hoseini (International contact)
Tel: + 31 633 60 2627
Fax: + 17345386165

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