Sunday, 15 November 2009

Execution of Shirko Moarefi postponed

International Committee against Executions

Saturday November 14, 2009

Following a wave of protests in Iran and internationally, the execution of Shirko Moarefi, which was due to take place today, Saturday 14 November, in the prison of the town of Saqez, has been postponed for the time being. Shirko has now been transferred back from the quarantine cell to the general ward.

However, the threat of execution still looms large over Shirko and a number of other political prisoners. So the work for the revoking of all the execution sentences continues.

The International Committee against Executions calls on the people of Saqez and other cities in Iran and Kurdistan to protest against the impending executions and to demand the revoking of all the execution sentences. The committee is continuing its international work and calls on everyone to hold protest actions in front of parliaments, in city centres and in other venues across Europe, North America and everywhere.

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