Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Statement from Women Council of Belgium, Belgium for 11 July

Democracy contains the same values everywhere and we must defend it in the same way all over the world.

What reasonable person, whether European or from elsewhere, can still be in favor of stoning? Or female genital mutilation? Or hanging homosexuals? Or confining women at home?

Women are more than half of humanity! Stoning is among the most the barbaric violence of the 21st century and massacres against women are perpetrated over and over again! In Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Yemen, to name the main countries, death by stoning is still a punishment to which women - mostly - are still subject to… And ironically among these countries some have signed conventions of Human Rights.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has languished for too many years in an Iranian jail. She has already been punished with 99 lashes administered in the presence of one of her two children.

How can we speak of "justice"? Stoning in Iran is a political tool in the hands of a, religious, Islamic, archaic and repressive regime decided to oppress the society in one of the hardest ways that exist.

In countries experiencing armed conflicts and in countries that have introduced Sharia law, violence against women is organized. Women who cannot defend themselves are the victims of fanatics and Islamic courts.

Today the voice of Sakineh reached the world and today Sakineh represents all victims of obscurantism.
In Belgium we demand the abolition of stoning, which is a brutal murder that nothing can justify.

On the International Day against Stoning in Belgium we say stop stoning now!

Viviane Teitelbaum
President CFFB – women council of Belgium

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