Friday, 13 May 2011

In solidarity with student protests in Iran on Sunday, May 15

Students from over 30 universities across Iran, including the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Esfahan, Karaj and Gilan, are going to protest this coming Sunday to call for the release of all student political prisoners and against the dictatorship under the Islamic regime of Iran.

Student activists in Iran are routinely banned from studying, imprisoned and tortured. They are put in solitary confinement, barred from visitation rights and they are sentenced to years in prison just for being student activists. Milad Asadi, Ashkan Zahabian, Zia Nabavi, Arash Sadeghi, Sarah Mahboubi and Fouad Sojoudi are just a few of the dozens and dozens of students currently in prison.

In a statement the students said: “At a time when the wind of Spring is blowing throughout the Middle East, Iran has not been exempted from the fragrance of this wind and once again, the universities, the bastion of steadfastness and resistance, stood up from under attack of the anti-freedom despots and gave new hopes to those eager for freedom that: yes, universities are alive... Because when despotism is on the throne, silence is not our virtue.”

We salute the courage of the student activists and of all those who are going to protest this Sunday in the face of utmost repression by the Islamic regime in Iran. We hope you join us in calling for an end to the imprisonment, torture and persecution of student activists and we demand their immediate release.

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There will be a solidarity protest in London, UK this Saturday 14 May on Trafalgar Square, 2-4pm.

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