Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Protest Facebook's disabling of Maryam Namazie and Mina Ahadi's accounts

Since Monday 14 September, Mina Ahadi and Maryam Namazie's Facebook accounts have been disabled. This attack on the campaign to save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani must receive a firm response by supporters of the campaign. Please write to Facebook asking them to immediately reinstate their accounts.

ICAS' Abbas Goya has started a campaign on Facebook itself.

His protest email below, which gives email addresses you can use, says:

To: info+y6adl7t@support.facebook.com; appeals+y6adl7t@support.facebook.com; appeals+0rznxgs@support.facebook.com

Subject: Strongest Objection: FB appears fallen into Islamic Republic Terror attempt

To Whom It May Concern

This is to notify Facebook about my strongest objection for disabling two Iranian renown Human Rights activists' accounts almost simultaneously.

I personally believe that Islamic Republic agents have something to do with it and Facebook appears to have fallen into their trap.

Please reinstate their accounts IMMEDIATELY.

A thorough, detailed note is posted and shared on his wall.

Thank you for any support.


  1. I'm really shocked to hear that Facebook closed down the 2 accounts of iranian human rights activist! I thought your policy was a democratic one- you support all avaz movements - so how come you oppose these 2 women who are fighting for basic civil rights of women in incredible situations?? Please do reconsider and give them back their voice!

  2. This shamefull that Facebook, censors and closes peoples accounts, cause others dont like what they stand for escpecially when for humanitarian

    Shame on Facebook

  3. I hope that they reenable Mina's account soon!

  4. I don't understand why facebook has to act politics ? Facebook is a public access and they have to stay away from politics. thank you

  5. Facebook has very weird policies...they seemed to be afraid of being prosecuted for difamation, for allowing difamaning comments and for them it only takes a few reports against a page and they disable an account in a prompt...I am on my second account with them, but to get back I had to enroll with another mail address.
    Facebook is an american thing thas as far as we can see it is very permable to external pressures....CIA and Iran might have had a role into these as Amhadijenad refered to certain voices in Germany...
    As for Mrs Ashtiani I am praying and waving that she might soon be released,and also hosted into another country..as Iran won´t be any safer...hope there is an agreement allowing futurely that in cases like that people sentenced to death by stoning be hosted outside Iran

  6. I've tried to use the Facebook addresses noted above to voice my anger over this issue, however, Facebook does not recognize any of them. Does anyone have a different address they used to contact the administrators?

  7. Sadly Facebook is solely concerned with the possiblity of profit (via marketing) from their users. They are no liberals. Anything that might cause interference with that, by being firewall blocked by Iran, causes them to over react. Like many, many of their users I would like then to realise their potential to do more and develop their social conscience. Re-instating Mina's account would be a step in that direction.

  8. Please enable Mina's account ASAP!

  9. It is unconscionable for Facebook to have blocked the accounts of these two fighters for human rights and freedom in Iran. Has Facebook bowed to pressure by the repressive regime. If so that is a cowardly act.
    And facebook must know that the young people of Iran have ways to get around blocks by the Iran government by means of proxy servers, but of course nothing can be done when Facebook itself puts up the block!

  10. Freedom of speech is the only way.....WHATS HAPPENED TO FACE BOOK ??????

  11. A copy of the email I just sent (which you are of course very welcom to reuse!):

    To whom it may concern;
    I am very happy to hear that you have decided to re-open the fb account of Maryam Namazie.
    However, I strongly urge you to do the same for Mina Ahadi.
    The cause these women fight for and use fb to inform about is legal, valid & unfortunately very necessary!
    Please do not bow to medieval suppressors and/or the cowardry that is political correctness, but reinstate both accounts immediately.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  12. Facebook should not act like a sencor, and reinstate the accounts.

  13. That is unbelievable! Please enable Mina's account ASAP!

  14. Censorship is as medieval as the government of Iran that may have urged you to disable the accounts of these two voices of women's rights and humanity.

    The importance and value of the FB accounts of these two individuals should have been clear to the administration of FB just from the International media attention that their work has gained. On my FB account I posted this just yesterday:

    This is the 21st Century: Last Saturday I was told by two Arab men in their mid twenties to early thirties that the Stoning of women for adultery is Just for they have committed a crime against Islam.

    On Sept 18th, while supporting the campaign for saving Sakineh Ashtiani (in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery) I was approached by two men who had very clear opinions about stoning, as noted above.

    To disable FB pages of individuals who fight for human rights is to condone the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the medieval words uttered by the two men noted.

  15. Disabling FB pages of human rights activists is cowardly and immoral.

  16. I hope that Facebook reenables Mina Ahadi's account as soon as possible.

    Disabling Facebook-pages of human rights activists is immoral.

    Edward von Roy