Friday, 31 July 2009

Alfonso Ciuffini's act of solidarity

Here is a photo of labour activist Alfonso Ciuffini's act of solidarity with the people of Iran:

Video footage here:

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  1. May I suggest you point too much out those Things like Comrades (Communists?) and Socialism, which are exactely those who are supporting Islam in the West, in Europe, together with some Personalities of the Church, so called Catho-communists, and that associating your Fight for Iranian Freedom to Communism and Socialism is going to get no positive or helpful Results? May I remember here that Communism, practicaly, did (and still do) more Victims (abused and murdered) than, i. E., Nazism did? Freedom isn't exactely a Concept and a Way of living belonging to Communism and Communist Regimes (see nowadays: China, North Korea, Cuba, not to mention South America headed by Chavez's Venezuela, who is even openly "married" with Islamist Ahmadinejad and is trying to Islamize South America). That's why I join the Iranian Freedom's Cause but I clearly reject Anything which has to do with Communism, Commeratism, Socialism. Freedom belong to Democracy and not to Totalitarian Regimes (like, i. E., Islamic Regimes and Communist Regimes, as well as Fascist Regimes and Nazist Regimes are), and in my Opinion Democracy is related to Human Rights, that's why Freedom is related to Human/Women's/Children's Rights; Whoever fights for them shall be (properly called) an Activist (neither a "Comrade" nor, of course, a "Brother"). I point those Things out since I am firmly convinced that also Linguistic Formulas count and have a great Impact on People's Mind and Society [Neuro Linguistic Programming]. "Persia was a florishing Civilization before Islam affected, infected it: whole Support to civilized Persia and down with the Islamic Regime of Iran!". Kindest Regards and best Luck.