Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jim Herrick's act against execution of protestors in Iran

'I am Speechless' - Humanist and secularist Jim Herrick's act of solidarity with the people of Iran. Jim is also author of a number of books on Humanism and the history of freethought.



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  2. i am the enemy of god s
    and all gods stupid followers
    fuck you

  3. this has to stop! freedom for all is the only way to heaven, we in the uk must get behind this cause in order to protect humanity

  4. These were extremely brave people. My condolences to their families.

    No regime should keep its people in chains with terror tactics. Those leaders who do this will eventually pay for their crimes.

  5. Religion is truely the root of all evil.

  6. i have just managed to break free from christianity and its divisive self serving bible with all the twisted morality and death...

    i always thought god was supposed to be love...

    my heart now goes out to the poor muslims...


  7. It looks like the Islamic world is doing what the Church of Rome did so long ago. This just goes to proooove how stupid people can be. Sad to say, but itlooks like the poor people in the Islamic world will have to suffer as the christians did, but finally won. I hope, for the poor people of Islam, that their time of trial is much shorter.

  8. Suzanna van der Voort2 February 2010 at 14:41

    My sincere sympathies to the families and I bow my head in deepest shame, because of our human race. A true god will never take a life, a true god will GIVE life, he will respect your freedom of speach and he will respect ALL lives, always!
    The god of this world is a selfmade god of insanity, used to oppress common sense and righteousness.
    Religion has always been used for war, murder and sacrifices and I will never worship this evil, so called god.

  9. The human race has to grow up and stand on its own two feet without using the crutch of supernatural beings. There is no God - we are all responsible for our own actions. If we do evil to others, we alone are to blame... no Devil made us do it and we alone will have to live with our own consciences!

  10. I am not a Christian, but I do not understand the asides directed at Christianity while humanity faces the most insidious threat it's ever known, Islam, which knows no compromise because it recognizes no reality outside itself. Jihād is as long lasting as Islam. "Enmity against God," indeed! As Walter Kaufmann observed in Faith of a Heretic, "Those who claim to know which [faith] is REALLY infallible and true are presupposing...that they themselves [are] infallible." The charge is enmity against the current Iranian government.

  11. More death and misery inflicted by this barbaric regime in Iran..ones beliefs are ones own business and is NOT the business of other men, or governments. If what we believe BENEFITS mankind then that belief is GOOD...but if our beliefs bring suffering and oppression to others, then it is an abomination to mankind and is EVIL! we are free to believe or not to believe here in the West..I pray the same for Iran very soon..Theocracies are evil, unfortunately Islam IS political/religious based on its writings in its Quran, there lies the dilemma..

  12. Islamic regimes are not known for humanity. To avoid recognizing the vile aspects of this religion, its farcicial belief in its absolute verity (untrue!), it's use of vicious argumentum ad baculum against non-believers, and those who finally come to their senses and recognize its obscene aspects needs to be clearly noted and not swept under the rug in some sort of blind declaration that it's a religion of peace. It isn't. It's a vicious religion.

  13. If we don't act or react to this abysmal despotic leader and his regime, we are no better than he is. Silence is acceptance. Young Iranians are going to die because they want to be free. What greater cause in life can there be.

  14. it sure makes me sick hearing what goes on in the name of religion. i still believe that RELIGION for sure has to be one of the most evil things ever brought upon by mankind. the only sensible thing, is for every country to tax every religious organization totally out of business. RELIGION SURELY IS AN INSTRUMENT OF THE DEVIL

  15. Religion = Slavery, Knowledge = Freedom
    Religion = Patriarchy, Knowledge = Equality
    Religion = Superstition, Knowledge = Evidence
    Religion = Poison, Knowledge = Antidote

  16. If your God is all that you say he is he does not need you to do his bidding by killing those who dare to question his authority. His promise of eternal hell is enough.
    Killing is such a final act that only those who claim a beleif in God can commit such an act without facing justice here and now.
    Shame on you and your cruel God!

  17. All these idiot "human rights" activists (such as the idiot Jim Herrick) were silent when Israel was killing unarmed Palestinians in Gaza a year ago!!

    Shame on all you idiots!!

  18. The god of Islam is a false god,actually this religion is from satan in opposition to the God of the truth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    He satan has been leading people astray down through the centuries.
    The true God is love and I as a Christian know His love in Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord!
    Don`t throw the baby out with the bath water!
    The true God hates all the murder and mayhem going on. Satan will be defeated in the not too distant future as the Messiah Jesus is soon to return!
    There are thousands of Christians around the world losing their lives as radical muslims are murdering them which you don`t hear about in the news but a third of the bible is prophecy and End Time prophecies are being rapidly fulfilled. It prophecies wars, disasters, earthquakes and beheadings etc. before the return of Jesus Christ to the earth to put things right! Your only hope is in Jesus for this world and the next!!

  19. It is fitting that the birthplace of human rights should once again embody the spirit of Cyrus the Great and that the present regime be consigned to the gutter where it belongs.
    My prayers are with the persecuted in Iran and indeed those who are suffering oppression worldwide because of religious supremacy.

  20. This vile regime is tottering at last. We will live to see great things happen in Iran, but this liberation will, sadly, not be easy. I only hope the Iranians realise how much support they have among people in the West, and that they can count on it.
    I hope, too, that the despots will face prosecution for crimes against humanity, and that these medieval crackpots never get hold of WMDs.
    P.S. "Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest." Zola

  21. History is written by the victors and in Iran the storyline has been running for 30 years. Did anyone catch the little moment in Obama's speech where he said he would end the Iraq war, but that Iran would never see the day of having a nuclear arsenal to go along with their totalitarian regime? My greatest hope is that Iran's death machine of oppression will fall of it's own weight before being covered in the fog of another war....

  22. All religions are shits on the floor of the Rainbow¡
    And end to Romans, Hipocrytes and Christians¡

  23. This is hardly the place to spew your hatred against God and religion when people die for their believes. If you don't believe in an afterlife and a god, at least show respect for those that do as you want them to show you respect for your conviction.
    If you must hate, direct it at the individuals that use and abuse religion for their interests, because many good things have been done in the name of religions as well. So lets be fair and respectful. The only way to peaceful co-existence is to agree to disagree when two opposing views meet and to respect each other.
    I'm a Christian, so obviously I don't agree with many people that are not, but I also know that no one can or should be forced to believe something.

  24. Tallulahdahling14 March 2010 at 06:17

    I'm an atheist, and I want to support this statement: "If you must hate, direct it at the individuals that use and abuse religion for their interests, because many good things have been done in the name of religions as well. So lets be fair and respectful. The only way to peaceful co-existence is to agree to disagree when two opposing views meet and to respect each other."